Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Susan Rice who lied
While 4 Americans died
Now Hagel who will sacrifice the Jews
In the Muslim world, Obama is without a clue
Bid Laden may be dead  and GM is alive
But video notwithstanding Al-Quada has survived
We are stuck with a President  on major issues totally inept
The founding fathers in their graves with tears wept
xoo  paid the ultimate price

Monday, December 24, 2012

Time to save some lives

The thought of 20 children and seven adults killed by a youth deranged fills us with grief.
Today 2 firemen were added to the body count We must keep the Second Amendment but this culture of gun violence must be curbed and mental deranged should never be allowed access to firearms period.

Time to Save Some Lives

My stepfather was a lifelong member of the NRA
A gunsmith who loved to hunt elk, moose and deer to slay
A lifelong supporter the right to bear arms
To hunt, target shoot and protect family from harm
But not for video crazed youth in a predictable ill mental rage
To kill 20 children ending their chance to complete their walk across life's
He would be angrily rolling in his grave
He would view the NRA's position on large clips as depraved
NRA this is not a case of zero one
And fight any limitation however tiny on the use of guns
If you need a thirty round plus ammo clip
A lousy shot and more likely to miss than hit
Limit the size of a clip and the shooter must stop to reload
Time to escape and limit victims cut down like grass mowed
The only pistols alowed should be revolvers not Glocks
And no gun should be allowed to be sold or owned without a trigger lock
Just like the First Amendment does not allow you to yell in a theater "Fire!"
It is time for the violent video gamesand films  to be retired.
Our mental health system is a travesty and a joke
How many more people with unchecked guns have their hearts broke
NRA, a gun in every classroom is an insane design
We must teach all of us to recognize the mental illness signs

Michael P. Ridley aka  the Alaskanpoet (c) December 24,2012