Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watergate Again When Will They Ever Learn?

It's Watergate all over; minor crime but coverup leads to Nixon resigning. Why is it that politicians and bureaucrats like Holder believe the truth will never see the light of day at least until after an election or better yet termed out of office. The inference base on the refusal to release and now the las second assertion of executive privelige has only one implication....Holder has lied and hopefully not so given the office, Obama may be involved in the cover up.

It’s Not the Crime but the Coverup 

It was a third rate office burglary of offices used in a campaign
An when the smoke had finally cleared a President went down the drain
Cover up and perjury in a rule of law are major no nos, major mistakes
It was a third rate office burglary of offices used in a campaign -do not be surprised into jail the lies will quickly take
It's Watergate all over except here one of us died
Refusing to release raises no doubt Holder has lied
What secret or process does Holder or Obama have to hide
And why  the rule of law our AG refuses to abide?
Sadly the Blues are silent except our Botox Princess who calls a tit for a tat
Holder's defense of voting roles is why the Reds are taking him to the truthful mat
DOJ is supposed to be without even the hint of bias, scandal, or improper means
If Holder does not resign how from DOJ will the hint of perjury will we ever wean? 
© June 23, 2012 michael p ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pelosi's Tit for a Tat

Nancy Pelosi has just leveled one of the most insane allegations this poet has seen in a long, long time. From the person who has made thousands upon thousands of dollars according to Throw Them All Out, trading on inside information on companies she regulates, this latest sense of outrage is pure insanity. To claim that the Republicans are attacking Holder's obstruction with respect to Fast and Furious because his politicized DOJ has attacked the states trying prevent illegal aliens from voting is so mind boggling it calls into question the amount of Botox the former speaker must have ingested.  Holder should resign but he will not and like the ferret he looks like will be cunning enough to keep the truth away from the American people until after the election. The thought of Nancy Pelosi as speaker again, should result in all sane voters voting red to prevent that.
At 72, Nancy has had too many injections of Botox that may have pierced into the brain
Her latest rantings verge on loosing it and are almost the raving of the insane
To allege the attack on Holder's Fast and Furious obstructions and lies
In a botched operation clearly not thought out and an agent dies
Is revenge for the Holder's war on the states trying to keep illegals away from stealing our vote
Is a position that will never hold water in no way will it float.
The AG holds a sacred honored trust
In Holder's case justice is covered with political rust
We have in Holder the most political AG--justice is no longer blind
When will his cover up on Fast and Furious finally unwind?
If there was nothing for him or the White House to hide
The documents would have been unleashed in tsunami tide
 Pelosi take your foolish charges to the parents of our agent dead and buried in the ground
Waiting and grieving and wondering if justice, true justice will ever come around.
(c) June 22, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


Saturday, June 16, 2012

HBO time for Maher to go

After using the "C" word to describe Sarah Palin the favorite little "comedian" of the left, Bill Maher blasted the Mormon church and this country as stupid. Where is the outcry, where is the loss of sponsorhip. When will Obama put principle above money and return Maher's $1,000,000?

According to Maher Mormonism is a stupid religion and so are all of us to the core
Despite these attacks HBO cowardly fails to show him the door
The only stupid people in the country are those who into his show tune
Laughing at his barbs to take this country to ruin
Such a little man, so insecure
Attacking this country with motives not pure
How stupid can you be in this age
From a public TV stage
To attack a religion and bring a country along too
To call us a mation stupid means he is without clue
The only stupid people in this nation are those who are his fans
Hopefully with each vile outburst a dwindling ban
Find some backbone HBO
He's not funny only obscene time to go
Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 6/16/2011