Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Email Smoking Guns At Last On Benghazi Murders

Months after months of delay and stall, non redacted  emails surfaced on National Honesty Day on the role of the White House in the Susan Rice charade on the Sunday talk shows. In the ancient world all roads led to Rome. In today's world of politics and win a reelection at all costs, all Rhodes lead to the White House when it comes to Benghazi. I have been saying this for months "The White House and Susan Rice lied, four Americans died." We as a country deserve better. Susan Rice should resign, finally an independent counsel not a lapdog for the most political AG we have ever seen should be appointed, and maybe so the country is spared reliving the agony of our abandoning those Americans to their fate and then to reelect a President, the travesty of "it's a video" was pushed, perhaps our then Secretary of State might decide not to run for President in 2016. What is really ironic is that after all the cover-up efforts to insure reelection, Obama will leave office in 2016 with Al Qaeda far, far stronger than when he took office in 2012 and had Romney been elected more likely than not Al Qaeda would truly be on the run in 2016.
Email Smoking Guns At Last On Benghazi Murders
Finally after months of the fog of distortion, the smoking emails come into play
How appropriate we finally have a glimpse of White House motivation on National Honesty Day
An email from Rhodes may or may not be the email smoking gun
If you believe the liberal media at MSNBC the conspiracy Reds are finally on the run
I did not view the Susan Rice it’s a video charade
As she took the White House spin on its Sunday parade
Nor was I a fly on the wall to hear any calls between Rice and Rhodes
And the efforts to insure that the video spin did not implode
It is clear however that Rice’s marching orders were from the White House crystal clear as she began her odyssey
“To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy." 
Regardless of the truth, a complete preparation and response lack
She was to protect at all cost Obama Al Qaeda’s on the run back
"To reinforce the President and Administration's strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges." was her only job
A video, spontaneous reaction, ignoring the AK-47s and the mortar shells salvo lobs
The only silver lining in these ongoing efforts the truth to suppress
Be it Benghazi or the smidgens crying to be found in the IRS
Is that anyone so loyal as Rice to check inquiry of what we know to be a brilliant mind
As a new national security adviser no wonder Putin’s moves caught her blind
A national security adviser’s job is to sift through myths, innuendoes and facts
To anticipate threats and recommend response, not to protect Obama’s political back
The culture of Obama can do no wrong; we cannot be exposed, so protect our boss
Does not bode well for this nation and exposes us to great risk of serious loss.

©April 30, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Monday, April 28, 2014

Kerry and Apartheid on Holocaust Remembrance Day

If a poet is a student of history, he will be continually be amazed on how quickly its lessons are recorded only to be quickly discarded. The furor coming out of D.C. today, Holocaust Remembrance Day arises out of Secretary of State's remarks concerning Israel becoming an apartheid state if negotiations with the Palestinians do not proceed forward. Ironic since the term apartheid was used that on Sunday April 27 South Africa celebrates Freedom Day, the end of apartheid in 1994. It goes without saying that Cantor is not a pleased politician over the remarks. However, the remarks are always good for poetic comment:
Apartheid Lives Not On Holocaust Remembrance Day 
Sunday April 27 in South Africa is Freedom Day
When after 40 plus years of struggle apartheid faded away
Monday April 28 is Holocaust Remembrance Day
Tears for the over 6 million Jews the Nazis did slay
Ironic that news of Kerry's apartheid remarks on the Jewish state
While a new Holocaust, a nuclear driven Iran's efforts do not abate
It would appear when it comes to foreign policy anyone can have 15 minutes of fame
Killing bin Laden the high point, then this once mighty Eagle goes down in flames
With the only chance of being able to a new rudder place on this Ship of State
Is removing at least six Blues from the Senate's elected slate
A silver lining is that the Blues can kiss the Jewish vote goodbye
Joined  by the millions under Obama's economy who have seen their dreams wither and die
© April 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Honesty When It Comes To Putin A Great Risk

My Republic For Talons To Go With My Sanctions Talk
In a wing and a prayer moment Obama’s leadership lack is again revealed
No wonder Ukraine’s fate with Russia will be sealed
A timid bit of “sanctions” against individuals announced today
But “sanctions” on industries held in reserve for another day
How many days of warning have we given Putin and his friends
To move assets, shield, conceal or otherwise insure failure is the sanctions only end?
Rolling Thunder, the day by day slow escalation of bombing force
Merely added to the guests in the Hanoi Hilton and did not alter any course
Economic sanctions did not work in Korea, did not work in Iran
To deter in any way the quest for nuclear arms in the face of UN ban
In dealing with Russia,  crippling sanctions sadly flow the other way
China will in a heartbeat replace the EU for Russian oil to quickly pay
All Russia has to do if there is even a hint the EU may sanctions try to impose
Ratchet up the price and curtail the energy to EU creating major woes
While watching both EU and US economies then fall to new lows
Secure in the knowledge Obama’s Greens will prevent US fossils to grow
At least and at last a moment of honesty from our President proof of a policy of ideas bankrupt
“We don’t know if it will work”—Talk about an invitation for the Bear’s aggression to erupt.
Poets can of course herald  "of arms and the man I sing"
Harder to without data and knowing the forces the Russians can bring
To suggest to this President how to reshuffle this miserable deck
To in some way the Federation restoration needs of Putin to deflect
Other than to immediately end our military shrink
Cutting back by the thousands will not make Putin blink
Open up the spigot of aid to Ukraine and the Baltics rearm
Go viral so all remember Bloodlands to raise the genocidal alarm
Putin may not be a Stalin clone
But that remains to be shown
©April 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Phoenix VA Cooks Books For Juda Bonus As 40 Vets Die

To Survive Combat Only To Die Waiting Months To See MD
The Vietnam War marked the beginning of the chopper Medevac
One moment bleeding from a wound, the next in surgery with a great chance of coming back
Each war or conflict thereafter it became easier and easier to survive a wound
A bullet, grenade, bomb or mine did not spell a soldier’s mortal doom
Body armor, Kevlar helmets, chariots of steel
Our soldiers had a better chance from any wound to heal
The mental wounds unseen may still be the bombs that tick
In a rush of imagined danger, forces to blow out one’s own wick
After the parades, after the too many combat days
A new danger for a vet comes into a deadly play
To survive the dice of combat only to face the killing grounds of the VA
What foes and wounds could not do, a new bureaucracy now slays
Phoenix may be the tip of the iceberg or a one shot deal
But 40 Vets dying, waiting for a GP seems unreal
Escape the combat that wishes to maim and kill
Only to die waiting to see a GP is a swallowing bitter pill.
Worse, while Vets were dying waiting for even the most basic of  care
Administrators were collecting bonus payments for waiting times they falsely pared
Now the winds of whistle blowers blow quite shrill
Cooking the appointment books on the we deserve a bonus grill
If  Director Sharon Hellman cooked the appointment books for Judas money of nine grand
She without delay should be indicted and pending a trial immediately  canned
We as a nation cannot expect men and women to put lives and limbs on the line
When surviving tours of combat, home again, to be ignored, treated like swine
Any death which might have been prevented is a tragedy to its very core
A slight reed of hope is that Blues and Reds together will rise up in joined angry roar
And the Commander in Chief one would only hope and pray
That he would be on board to special counsel appointed without delay
Ms. Hellman if you are guilty on your bonus I would hope you gag and choke
Off to prison, your six figure salary ignoring vets will be soon revoked

©  April 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

$100 Million For Obama Library Pulled Back

$100 Million For Obama Library Pulled Back
The old adage is that Chicago Democrats win by voting early and often still rules
But now it surfaces again in a $100 million to Obama Library, acts by a bunch of dishonest fools
All Presidents deserve a library for their papers to store and Obama so deserves
After all, regardless of how he is viewed there will be some history to preserve
But for Illinois in a Blue procedural skip town voting scam without one Red to object
Sadly, upon this Presidency its ethics or lack thereof does reflect
But caught in the open even the most rabid Blue had to withdraw
$100 million taken back, for even in Chicago there is a trace of a nation of laws.
One would hope that in the Library after all these years
There will be a transparency wing of Fast and Furious tears
Next to the Lerner alcove where the IRS
Was blatantly called in to Tea Party supporters suppress
The Sand Box where children could draw red lines in the sand,
While parents wept over the loss of our foreign stature once proud, mighty and grand
Or out of the sand,  sing a song of Hickory Dickory Dock
As the debt mouse scampered up the $20 trillion clock
The Sebelius Lab of Horrors where inept bureaucrats from computer Stone Age
Tried to push a web site only to force us to pen and pencil to the written page
In honor to the Hollywood elite who stood by him to the very end
A trophy case not of Oscars, but Pinocchios for the truth he had to bend
Lastly, the Purple Dye Room where an Imperial President all adherence to a Constitution shed
While the fawning media, Reid, and Pelosi cheered the Imperial Presidency he led
This would be a library design worthy of the ages to visit and to there mourn
Eight years of failed promises, fawning media hype and American prestige shorn
© April 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

To Defeat Type II, Pray For Rain And Pass The Coffee

Coffee Is The New Cure Against Type II
Too many times I’ve been told to my coffee habit wean
To forego one of life’s simple pleasures, the jolt of caffeine
As we Americans are on an obesity binge
The effects of diabetes we should all come to cringe
Blindness, kidneys, heart disease, sores and loss of feet
If ever we needed a silver bullet for this disease to defeat
News today of studies that more coffee each day
Will keep the wrath of Type II at bay
Off to the kitchen to grind up some beans for fresh Starbucks to brew
No cream or sugar to dilute, smell the aroma and bid farewell to Type II
Just when it is time to maybe on a pastry to splurge
No longer the need to fight the sugar siren call urge
What do I see when I with a French Roast at my side
Online news of coffee prices on an upward spiral ride
Drought in Brazil is killing the coffee crop
Uptick in prices gain mo and will not stop
Time to go to the market and be a hoarder and stock up
Pray for rain in Brazil and know my coffee doses I will not disrupt.
Life may not be just and life may not be fair
But at least in coffee, we know how to prepare
If all else fails there may be still some Type II prayers
That tea, herbal, green or black with coffee same Type II shield shares 

© April 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Filling Korean Davey Jones Locker When The Captain Abandons Ship

Filling Korean Davey Jones Locker When The Captain Abandons Ship

Every since men went down to the sea first in rafts or on logs
To brave the currents, winds, waves, reefs and fog
One rule has never over seamen weakened its grip
In time of disaster, a captain is last to leave and may go down with his ship
The news from South Korea is so tragic; it makes you want to wail and cry
So many young students en route to a resort isle never made it and had to die
But what should cause a parent’s blood to begin to  boil
As more bodies from the capsized ferry raises the death toll
Are photos of the captain and some of the ferry’s crew being the first to from the ferry flee
Safety for them, but for the students, death by drowning, trapped by the freezing seas
The Koreans moved quickly and the captain was quickly put under arrest
"Akin to murder," the President of South  Korea put it best
We will learn soon what if anything the ferry hit and why she was on this course
But we may never know why the rule of the sea the captain chose not to enforce
The students are gone; no amount of punishment will bring them to their parents back
But tides of justice when the captain leaves must be pursued, must never go slack.
Off into the future on different waters, winds and tides
When disaster strikes from responsibility a captain will not seek to hide.
© April 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

MREs Are Not M1 Abrams Or Stingers

Food Fight In Ukraine As US Power Ebbs And Wanes
Biden talks tough in Kiev; "we will stand by Ukraine."
As American military power under his boss continues to wane
If Putin orders his Russian speaking plants to more territory  seize
A repeat like the Crimea, he could do with ease
What do we do, instruct Ukrainians how to quickly freeze
Their U.S. non lethal, save to the eater thereof,  MREs?
Then toss them like stones at the Russians in the hope they will quake and then stop
As another chunk of land into Putin hands then quickly drops?
Obama with his Rolling Thunder sanctions and feckless red lines in the sand
Will not lift a finger to with lethal aid give the Ukrainians a chance to withstand
Hopefully, the Ukrainians know that when it comes to Obama's aid they are alone
For we will have deaf ears to the wails and tears as they are carved into larger Russian zones
So it will at least not be like Budapest in 56 where we sat slinging encouraging,  empty words
While the Hungarians were mowed down in a Red Army tank driven surge.
If Obama must remain in the non lethal only aid camp
Maybe his surrender to his Green money bags he could revamp
A Europe looking to the U.S. for some of its fossil fuels
Would turn Putin into the chump, into the fool
But with Steyer pledging $100 million to Blues who will oppose Keystone XL
Getting Obama to approve more fracking and  that pipeline will be an impossible sell
With an energy aid option off the table, we can only pray Putin wishes Ukraine to first digest
Ere the Bear moves to the Baltics and puts our treaty obligations in NATO to the Article 5 test. 
© April 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Monday, April 14, 2014

Overland Park Shooting--To Heal the Wounds of Hate

Another day, another day of senseless violence, not by a young teen, slashing fellow students at a Murrysville, or a vet on Fort Hood on a killing spree, but by a man of 73, a Vietnam vet but the holder of extreme anti-Black and Semitic views at a Jewish Community Center and nearby assisted living facility in Overland Park, Kansas. As the police investigate this horrific crime, one hopes the mental health profession is deeply involved--we have to do a better job of reaching out to and trying to defuse the problems facing those who may have mental health issues and are but acts or words away from snapping in rage and killing or wounding innocents.
To Heal the Wounds of Hate
Time may heal all wounds, but at Overland Park not the emotion of hate
For F. Glenn Miller it only festered, grew and would not abate
He has been charged in the senseless murders of three, including a 14 year old child
At 73 a Vietnam vet one cannot imagine what caused the dam to break and hate run wild
He has gained his Warhol moment of 15 minutes of absolute, reviled shame
Then with his hatred to rot away in prison, alone, without support his acts we all declaim
He at his trial will be accorded all the rights to others his actions mock
Right of counsel, a fair trial, an insanity defense that may his mental state unlock
His actions and views toward Jews and Blacks are not by the rest of us in any way shared
To save his skin, one hopes at trial he does not take the stand, no forum for those views to air
The deaths are a tragedy, a pox and a stain upon humanity, the news we have come to dread
The real tragedy will be if we do not learn how to reach Millers of the world before others in the future are shot dead.
Why did we miss the signs not well hidden of violence against Jews and Blacks waiting to erupt?
How can we in the future the march to hate to kill somehow interrupt?
While the answers we may never know, we all should take a united stand
Hate, bigotry against any race or creed cannot be in our house, it must not survive in this land.
© April 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dunce Hats for Caprock

       You see it often in the workplace, on sporting  teams, in families, or in groups of close friends--shaving of heads as a sign of solidarity of someone who is fighting cancer with chemotherapy, a treatment that in most cases causes the patient's hair to fall out. Imagine how grateful a cancer patient would feel looking into the mirror at a bald head on top of a body wasting away due to the nausea of the treatment at the start of each day, to be able to walk into a room and see a roomful of friends, families or even strangers who have as a sign of support and solidarity shaved their heads. Priceless and probably a great jump start in the patient's own immune system's efforts to fight the cancer.
       Those encouraging bald heads are usually adults which is what makes the news story coming out of Caprock Academy in Grand Junction Colorado so uplifting and moving yet at the same time so disappointing. An 11 year old girl friend of a 9 year old girl Kamryn had lost her hair due to chemotherapy. In a move far beyond her years, young Kamryn shaved her head in support of her friend, only to be banned by her school Caprock Academy for violating the dress code which bans bald heads. Such stupidity would be bad enough but it really becomes outrageous when one learns of the Baldrick Foundation which has raised over $200 million from shaving over 85,000 heads. The President of Caprock and its entire Board should be at minimum be required to wear dunce caps while Kamryn's friend is in chemo and ideally should join the fund raising efforts of Baldrick and have their own heads shaved in when  support.
Dunce  Hats for Caprock
When it comes to teaching values, ethics, compassion and things that matter, only an F Caprock Academy deserves
Since when does preventing a bald head a good learning environment preserve?
Childhood cancer is a sad fact of life; kids struggle with chemo and lose their hair
Bodies weakened, looking different at Caprock would a cancer patient be allowed to be in chair?
More so than at any time in a child's young life, her body needs the support of friends
We are not talking about a few days of missed school, but a life that may too early end
My children have from childhood cancer or other disease been spared
As a parent and a human being, I applaud young Kamryn's support of a friend by shaving off her hair
As to Caprock Academy, outrage tops the anger meter, tops the charts, not enough words to express
"Safety, uniformity, environment not to distract" is their reason for a code of dress
That bans a nine year old with compassion and empathy way beyond her years
Who shaved her head to help her friend allay her cancer fears.
The earlier F now goes lower and it really should be a notice Caprock administrators the parents should expel
When we find that Baldrick Foundation has raised millions to fight the disease by shaving heads toward a cure to us propel
350,000 shaves, 205 million dollars and not a gangbanging skinhead in sight
How many hairless dying children encouraged by the acts to carry on their fight?
What a teachable moment on how to our less fortunate afflicted we should relate and behave
Caprock's President and Board should be lining up, dollars in hand, seeking a Baldrick head shave. 
© April 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Friday, April 11, 2014

Putin Pulls Voice Of America Plug

     An army may march on its stomach according to Napoleon, but the technology driven armies today need the sophisticated weaponry the typifies the "shock and awe" of the U.S. Armed Forces. Providing Ukrainian forces with MREs as opposed to Stingers, HOTs and Javelins is typical of a feckless administration that is bent on reducing the U.S. military. Today's news of the Voice of America losing its license to broadcast in Moscow and the U.S. bemoaning hypocrisy is surprising only in why it took Putin so long to implement.
     Instead of red lines and feeble attempts to halt Putin's aggression by blocking a small number of his oligarch friends from entering the U.S. or freezing their assets, a full scale e-war of internet blanketing of Russia and its Eastern European neighbors quaking in fear over the lack of U.S. response,  on the economic effects of not looking to the EU and West for growth and prosperity would be in order. That and a dose of exposure of the corruption and outright theft of Putin and his oligarch friends would be in order.
To Halt A Russian Bear
 There is no way any of us have a stomach for boots on Ukrainian ground
All we seem to do is supply food as opposed to Stingers, bullets, and mortar rounds
Putin has been running circles around Obama and his security staff
If the stakes were not so high, it would be a great script for never ending laughs
Putin knows if the Russian people are exposed to the good life of the EU West
His dreams of low hanging land fruit to grab will halt and be in REM arrest
If Ukrainians, Moldavians, Latvians, Estonians, Georgians, and the like of Russian tongue
Know the truth of where prosperity lies and link to Putin means down the economic rung
They will rise up in one fearless voice
Link to Putin is not a willing or desired choice
It comes as no surprise that Putin pulls the Voice of America Moscow plug
This will be the first of many Putin attempts to sweep economic truth under the rug
But where an Iron Curtain may people movement,  radio and TV block
This e-fact of life may come to Putin as a shock
The internet with all its social media is like an coming tide
All sand castles to block will be swept aside
One can only hope our President is up for the e-truth invasion trial
If only red lines, the Russians are going to be seizing for a while.
Another reason also for Obama to consider any attempts our internet control divest
We will need the flow of e-truths to the Putin Bear's movements arrest.
© April 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Child Endangerment on the High Seas

At least this week with the chaos in Ukraine, Murrysville and Fort Hood and the ongoing sorrow over the disappeared Malaysian 777, we had some good news to cheer about. The Kaufmans with two girls, one three and the other one were attempting to sail around the world. Their youngest became ill 1000 miles off the coast of Mexico and a task force of the US Navy, Coast Guard and the California Air National Guard came to their rescue, complete with a scene of a raft being parachuted out of a plane, followed by four rescuers.
       Makes this poet glad to be an American but as a father totally mystified how parents could expose two small infants to the potential dangers of such a voyage. If the D.A does not file child endangerment charges, hopefully at bare minimum some strong lectures and maybe a parenting class.
Their boat was sunk by the Navy as to not be a navigation hazard. Hope the Navy used the opportunity for a simulated drug running bust on the high seas to improve marksmanship.
Child Endangerment On The High Seas
Sail round the world is always on the top of one's bucket list
The lure of adventure and an open sea to hard to resist
But bucket lists by definition are for adults not toddlers one and three
What kind of parent in their right mind would expose kids to dangers of the seas
The Pacific is pacific in name only and has claimed many a larger ship
 These parents have lost any sanity grip
Put an infant in a car and not in a car seat
And from the law you are in great heat
Putting infants in a thirty-six foot craft in potential stormy seas these parents should repent
At best it is stupidity at worse can only be child endangerment
At least our Navy rises to the challenge and saves the day
Our giving nature means these idiot parents for a rescue will not pay
Their boat now sunk, transported by the Navy back to dry land
Where these toddlers new contact with the seas will be shovels and pails in the sand
Given the proclivity of lawyers for a drop of blood from miles away to sniff
One hopes they signed a release so any suit against the Navy would be given short shrift
Hopefully these parents have their lessons learned and mistakes not try to repeat
Lucky this time, the next the Pacific may not be so easy to defeat

©April 10, 2014  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Weiner Like Moment by McAllister We Do Not Need

No More Groupie Magnets
After years of gridlock and refusal to cross the partisan isle
We are fed up with the rhetoric and defamatory bile
This nation yearns for men and women in Congress who believe
That bipartisanship is not a four letter word, but a way for our problems to relieve
Just when we are almost in complete gridlock despair
A new bipartisanship trend too many in Congress seem to share
It matters not whether the Congressman is Weiner Blue or the latest McAllister Red
A common trait to all pretense of morality and family values to discard and shed
Where we need leaders, we get Walter Mitty rock stars on tour instead
Who believe they are entitled to get any female, single or married, into their bed
Weiner with his emails and a baby on the way was not the first
McAllister caught kissing a staffer will not be the last to try quench his sexual thirst
We mere mortals hope Congress from sexual harassment in the workplace has not made itself immune
Whether his kissed aide sues or not, for him in Congress there can be no room
Worse, with a 16 year marriage and  a faith and family values, and Duck Dynasty endorsement campaign
His hypocrisy puts him beyond repair; his party should dump him down with the trash down the drain
Being “sorry” most likely only because on a video he was caught
Does not excuse this lapse of values or moral rot
He needs to resign and his fellow Reds must take the point and lead
Expel him if he does not; we do not need a Blue planting of another “War on Woman” seed.
We as a nation need men and women of ethics willing to put above party or self the nation’s need
Not men driven to obey the lusts of their reptilian brains, and morality no longer heed.
© April 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet