Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minimum Wage As a Cage

Only a true liberal would advocate as a jobs plan
To move millions from the unemployment line
A huge increase in the minimum wage
Thereby dooming millions more to the jobless cage
Our young be they in high school, just out or in college or just out
Need jobs no matter how transitory to learn what the work force is all about
Minimum wage workers do not stay at minimum wage
It usually only the first step in life's many stages
But you cannot take the steps to improve
To improve increasing self worth to sooth
If you cannot get the first job even if only minimum wage
You are doomed to be stuck in the government handout cage
It takes not a rocket scientist to know to no one's surprise
Less jobs especially unskilled when the minimum rises
Obama remains clueless on the chaos small business must reluctantly embrace
From Obamacare to regulations' heavy to taxes deterring hiring a new face
He knows only tax and spend and like the Romans more benefits to the poor in the cage
We should be to protect the jobless marching in total outrage
(c) 2132013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drone On

Dorner a cop and soldier gone so very off the normal mark
Slipping forever into the forces of evil and the dark
Holed up and surrounded his capture is not worth another life loss
If we cannot get close enough to grenades quickly toss
Or the walls too covered or thick
For an RPG to do the trick
Sadly since the  Ft, Hood jihadist or work place violence in Obama's slant
Is still drawing pay in reasonable comfort despite his jihadist rants
We should give him a moment so very very brief
To surrender before we bring an end to his life of greif
and radespite his u

Rogue Nations with Nukes

We have two rogue nations from sanctions immune....closer and closer to nukes they wish to make and use. While before sequestration and still have the force can we convince the Chinese and Russsians to  end this wasted discourse and bring on our combined armed force. As the only nation that have dropped nukes whatever path it takes
we cannot word our way into the sand, we must act for humanity's sake
To kill a rogue
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But nukes will really, really hurt
Words may bring the masses to their feet
And after huge losses tyrants to defeat
Or cause soldiers to forsake life
And charge into the gates of hell of any strife
But diplomatic words in foggy bottom double speak
Too often disguise a nation’s resolve way too weak
Book end news of a rogue state testing a nuke
New U-2 for another rogue with years of rebuke
World War II was put in motion when we stood on our hands
Italians, Japanese, and Germans with guile or force seized lands
But now the  Martian ante is not a bunch of  men on tanks, ships and planes
But rather  millions from radiation, nuclear winter and atomic particle rain
Words will not prevent North Korea or Iran heaven bent
From their insane nuclear weapon drive to relent
Time to warn the civilians to leave and very soon
Drones are coming to their idiotic leaders to bring doom
If somehow leaders flee for now and manage to escape
Before tracked down,  we turn their programs into a wasted nuclear landscape

© 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Sanctuary Lost

Mother lions and bears will defend their young from males to their last breath. We humans try but too often young gangbangers escape a lasting arrest and the young innocents are sadly put to a way too early final rest. Another teen in Chicago killed within a mile of Michelle Obama's Chicago home days after leading a high school band on Inaugration Day.
                        Sanctuary Lost
A fifteen year old one day leads a high school band
To celebrate a most important event in this land
Less than a mile away from Michelle’s Chicago home
Killed while gang violence in Chicago roams
At 15 her book was just filling up the innocent pages
Where is the anger where is the rightful rage
If we cannot protect our children and bullets from gangs deflect
We are worthy of only scorn and we are totally without respect
We have only a narrow window of time
To find the gangbangers and deter them from crime
Not easy to find fault when we do not know the cure
Only even in the shadow of Michelle, more funerals to endure
Michael P Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet © 2/9/2013


 Michael P Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet © 2/9/2013