Saturday, May 31, 2014

Alan Barron Suspended for Teaching about Jim Crow and Blackface Musicals

 Jim Crow and Blackface in Munroe Mean Suspension
The PC wave that engulfs us in all aspects of our lives
Is growing stronger making rational discussion of issues hard to survive
At Munroe Middle School a teacher about as non racist as one could be
Is teaching 8th grade history about the effects of Jim Crow and is “lynched” from the PC tree.
So a teacher, Alan Barron, shows a video about white singers with faces black
Here's a news flash, Al Jolson performing in blackface is a historical fact
Al Jolson, a Lithuanian Jew, was one of the first to discrimination on Broadway fight
One of the best teachers about to retire now on paid leave, a victim of the "racist" PC bite
You cannot avoid the lessons of history if history somehow must be changed to be PC correct
Monroe Middle School near Detroit needs to chill out and reflect
You cannot the cause of nondiscrimination advance
If history must be ignored or coated in PC rants
If this teacher Barron had taught a class about Shakespeare
Showing that on stage even for Juliet only men could appear
Would he be suspended to a NOW protest prevented?
The PC assault on history in Monroe needs to be relented!
© May 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hard Choices Benghazi Like Jihad Will Not Die

The Benghazi Chapter in Hard Choices by Politico has been released
Not sure whether the contents are to spur sales or to make the attacks on her cease
But with all due respect
Hillary's claims on Benghazi we should reject
Especially when made by a "potential" candidate who to the parents of those dead
Flat out lied, vowing that the US would get the video maker instead
The simple way to avoid a political slug-fest
Is for her and this administration’s efforts to block the truth arrest
If we do not learn what we did wrong in our failure to protect
Our embassies and consulates are sitting ducks for another attack by another Islamic sect
Bin Laden may have be the poster child for Al Qaeda’s terror run wild
But killing him did not kill the ideology and terror by humanity reviled
Look around the world to see Islamic Jihadists multiplying faster than deadly staph
To assume that the Jihadist ideology is now weak or dead should make us laugh
Like Pearl Harbor, Korea, or 911, we were caught with our proverbial pants down
But at least there our leadership did not play the role of the deceiving clowns
Watching our President and Hillary in foreign policy resets and red lines is an exercise in frustration beyond belief
As a child of the 60’s who marched to protest the Vietnam War that caused us such grief
Hillary hopefully remembers why the U.S. despite the cost in lives could not just cut and run
If she becomes our Commander in Chief and does not, our problems will really just have begun
I will not buy the book but to read to the library go
Will be interesting to see how she masks or justifies her attempts to snow
But one thing is certain— you can deceive and lie to your country’s enemies and foes
But to your own citizens, that is not a place where a potential president should ever go. 
© May 30, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Shenseki, Carney Resign Holder Should Be Next

 Shenseki and Carney Resign--Holder Should Be Next
An honorable man, a patriot, a wounded vet, a general has resigned
Finally after 6 years a glimpse of accountability has entered Obama's mind
Another, a press secretary who seemed as the scandal brewed up,
Resigned as the truth his misstatements and dodging continued to interrupt
The VA scandal was growing each day
Cooking the books while care delayed
A deputy VA secretary on an interim basis has been named
From Obama's perspective problem solved, issue tamed
But the systemic failures in the VA system still remain
Worse, the vast bureaucracy overseeing care still reigns
As interim secretary we wish Sloan Gibson well
As he steps into the bookends of a failed design and bureaucratic hell
A former banker and West Point grad one can only hope
He specialized in healthcare banking as he tries to cope
If heads are going to roll other than being put on paid administrative leave
While vets die and wait for care while they and families grieve
Handcuffed by Reid and Sanders failure to allow into the Senate a three page bill
Making it easier for the VA to fire, which was passed by huge Red and Blue votes on the Hill
A turnaround management team with healthcare experience needs to be immediately involved
Failing that, it may be very difficult for these core systemic problems to be resolved
Waiting for a completed IG report or ad hoc committee reports with recommendations the problems will not fix
At its core of the single server of care, the VA is on life support; it is very sick
If the VA cannot provide care in a timely period of time
Vouchers need to be issued for private care to reduce the number waiting in line.
While the VA under a promoted deputy perhaps flounders in its typical bureaucratic way
When will the most political AG weigh into these potential criminal acts without delay?
Or will this be another example of Holder protecting Obama's back
Especially as the targets of investigation seeing the FBI testify the Administration knew these sordid facts.
But there is an old saying that some believe followed will keep one from harm
In life’s efforts like marriage and preservation of reputation, the third time is the charm
So, Eric Holder, there is an over the line team needing a member to be complete
Time for you to resign and on the beach, bat in hand Shinseki and Carney to meet
© May 30, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fortress Wantagh High Skool [sic] Sealing Lockerschool

Fortress Wantagh High School 
“Blowing The Skool [sic] up today no joke I’ve had it.”
It looks like grammar and spelling at Wantagh High School has quit
Sadly, our schools from elementary to universities have become potential killing zones
A gun culture layered over a collapse of mental health becoming way too violence prone
Sealing lockers, banning purses, banning backpacks, books in plastic bags
While lurking within or without guns with high capacity mags
If a troubled teen somehow does not have access to a gun
A knife will kill almost as quickly if one cannot away from the threat quickly run
While some pounce on the excuse of white privilege to violence explain
Others quickly condemn the culture of music and film violence distorting reality in a teen's brain.
There was a time almost eons ago when during recess running free
You would hear "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"
But words today can feelings definitely hurt 
Planting the revenge seed that may sprout in violence gone berserk 
Or not heard or ignored cries for help are omens of violence to waiting to explode  
Victims of the social mores against killing and violence continuing to erode 
We cannot put an armed deputy with bomb sniffing dogs in every school
Nor can we keep all kids at home isolated to learn online education's tools
An easy answer might be to inculcate in the youth the need for the Golden Rule
Teens shorn of childhood innocence would laugh at us as fools
But we can our mental health system try to restore
To learn the signs of mental illness and no longer ignore
© May 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Pilot With Bags of Cocaine in Stomach in Jail

12 O’clock High
 Hill's arrest gives a new meaning to the phrase 12 O' Clock High
Stomach loaded with cocaine bags 30,000 feet into the sky
At least he was not in the cockpit but in uniform en route from Columbia to U.S.
One bag bursts and surprise he is under great medical stress
Pilots are not paid even at regional carriers only the minimum wage
Why he would risk death of bursting bags is hard to gauge?
I would liked to have known the carrier's name
If this pilot Hill had a drug problem he could not tame
His carrier's drug testing program needs an overhaul
How high on cocaine does a pilot need to be before he loses control and plane stalls?
This could be a carrier one needs to not fly
If any risk any of the flight crew might be during the flight high.
Another example of how the war on drugs is a war in which we may fail
 Risking a career, life for $4,000 of cocaine and facing felonies and 500 grand bail
© May 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet