Monday, May 5, 2014

Condi Rice Withdraws--Sun of Righteousness Sets and No Longer ShinesShEnlia

Chalk up another win for intolerance and chalk up another win for a class act by an educator, women, and public servant at the highest levels of government. Condi Rice after protests over her being selected to speak at commencement at Rutgers withdrew her acceptance  to avoid the distraction over a Rutgers graduation which given the anemic recovery and lack of jobs and the crushing debt burden many students will leave Rutgers with along with their sheepskin may be for many months if not years the apogee of their careers. Too bad. This poet would have liked to have heard what she had to say and witness a prime example that the American Dream does exist in women like Condi Rice. 

The Sun Never Sets On Academic Intolerance
As usual Condi Rice shows an incredible amount of class
The students and faculty at Rutgers a huge horse's ass
The 50 students who picketed and held up signs
When it comes to academic freedom and intellect completely blind
Probably cannot blame students for their closed minds
Their cranial capacity and neurons coated with intolerant rinds
Suspect that they are mere puppets of a faculty leaning so very far to the left
Wastelands of academic integrity devoid of the least amount of mental deft
As the intolerance becomes more and more part of the academic fog
How with great issues can we ever have constructive dialogue
Ms Rice withdrew from a Rutgers commencement address
Not wanting ado over her the joys of graduation to suppress
Know not who from the left will step into her place or an honorary degree to receive
Pity only these students who with great debt, no jobs, same room have been deceived
At Stanford the winds of freedom do really blow
At Rutgers the righteous Sun appears blotted out by the intolerant snow
© May 4, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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