Thursday, May 8, 2014

Outrage on Boko Haram Grows Will U.S. Drones and Seals Be Sent

Boko Haram is now finally joining inhumanity’s A-1 terror list
Jihadist fanatics that believe Christians do not have the right to exist
Their views on a woman’s role under Sharia are barbaric to say the least
Now in Africa, these fanatics are becoming the new Al Qaeda like beast
5,000 people killed by these fanatics since 2009 with 300 on Monday added to the till
Anyone who is a Christian or helps the government is fair game to kill
In November of 2013 Kerry’s State finally named them a terrorist group
What took us so long to add them to the terrorist loop?
Four years of prior killings evidently did not merit for Clinton any note
After all, Al Qaeda per Obama was on the run, a spin she could not demote
The outrage is slowly starting to build with Congresswoman Fudge waving dollars
Symbolic of the asking price for these girls to wear the slave collars
Demanding that the U.S. send in its drones to the Haram leaders slay
With a 7 million dollar FBI reward there is hope a Nigerian might their whereabouts betray
At last the US is sending an unarmed team of support to the Nigerians assist
Who for weeks acted as if the kidnappings did not exist
Boko Haram should release unless they want to leave on the one way Paradise trip
If the US gets the intel and sends in its Seals, death for them will be hard to slip
But even as the world rises in one condemning voice
The U.S. seems not ready to make the armed rescue choice
But even if we kill their leader and his minions,  each and every one
We may not kill the roots and the terror their successors will not shun
Nigeria is awash in oil and oil profits that its people never receive barely even a drop
But corruption is rampant and crushing poverty has taken up shop
A dollar a day for a young teen with no dreams and no chance of a job
While the oil wells fill the tankers must seem another case of Western rob
Is a recipe for terror to spawn faster than we can shoot
As long as the profits flow into the officials, the weeds of terror we will not uproot
But in the short term like the Belgian paratroopers in the Congo coming out of the sky
Mowing down the Simbas holding Europeans, an armed attempt we have to try.
While the bullets are flying and we import 5% of our oil from Nigeria still
Just another reason for independence and security to approve the Keystone XL bill
© May 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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