Monday, May 12, 2014

1000 Lashes As Tolerance Dashed

 1000 Lashes As Tolerance Dashed
After the Nigerian Boko Haram shock
Another wake up call for us to our energy unlock
The Saudis show their true spots
Sharia in all its barbaric splendor is their lot
A thousand lashes even with a wet string
Akin to a most painful death the whipping will bring
We were born with brains to be able to think and to reason
Not by engaging in discourse be guilty of Jihadist treason
Ten years for a corpse or does this poor bastard serve that first?
With feudal repression by an elite family, when does the bubble burst?
The Saudis are really not our friends
Sharia is a barbaric practice that must end
Time to end the War on Fossil Fuels; time to start the War on Energy Waste
While juggling and trying to bring on line renewables in great haste
Energy independence has to be our number goal to quickly achieve
Any need to look to Sharia sheiks and despots we must quickly leave
This has to be a Manhattan, TAPS, Hoover, AlCan, Man on the Moon wrapped into one
The idea that Sharia and fanatical Islam can be our friends is over and  done.
Barbarians whether in secret sipping champagne in France or Jack in the U.S.
Barbarians on women's rights or rather lack thereof or discussion to cruelly suppress
When if ever will the barbaric intolerance and  passions burn out
Allow for other faiths to worship as opposed to trying to convert or wipe out.
© May 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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