Monday, May 5, 2014

Keystone XL an Easier Sell? Blue Approval Groundswell

Money may be the mother's milk of politics, becoming more so each day as the cost to retain a seat soars. After excoriating the Koch brothers for PAC contributions, William Steyer in a blatant attempt to block Keystone XL has pledged 100 million dollars of his own wealth to support Blues who oppose it. President Obama desperately needs the ability to continue the delay the decision to enable the money to flow and not have to deny the pipeline, thereby adding another arrow in an already curare tipped quiver of arrows aimed against the 21 Blues up for reelection this November.
       Steyer's milk may be souring as 11 Blues have joined all Reds to in support of mandating the approval of Keystone--not a recommendation as previously passed but mandating approval. Senator Manchin, not up for reelection is now indicating there may be 62 Senators in support which makes the bill filibuster proof and will make it difficult for the iron hand rule of Harry Reid to block a vote. A lot of jobs on the line here and a great step to further remove this nation from dependence on oil from areas which are unstable to say the least. Thoughts below  

Keystone XL Becoming an Easier Sell
62 senators may appear ready to force the hand of Harry Reid
Force this administration to approve Keystone XL freeing up the oil we need
The Senate Blues have shown false courage when their vote did not bind
Obama duly noted and the continuing opposition he would not undwind.
Obama may now face a real Hobson’s choice
Waive Steyer's vote buying cash and listen to the people’s voice
Or chase his needed dollars and veto the bill
Giving Reds another path to dethrone Reid as tyrant of the Hill.
Senator Manchin soon to be a senior Senator when an oil scion retires
Not facing the voters and free of the cash enticements of Steyer
Seems to rise above the interests of his party, to put the nation’s interest ahead
While this Administration by ongoing delay strives to see Keystone XL delayed and  dead
One hopes that the bill is more than filibuster proof
Despite the howls of the Green supporters going through the roof
In a sign of gridlock Obama has vetoed but two bills
If vetoed are there 5 more brave Blues to insure the veto is killed?
Stay tuned for money is the mother’s milk of politics, almost impossible to wean
But keeping a seat may be on this issue the end of Steyer’s Green.
© May 5, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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