Thursday, May 8, 2014

GAO Sequester Report Shows One Fed Laid Off

Blues Cry Wolf And Taxpayer Sheep Continue To Be Fleeced
The Feds are like small children on a temper tantrum wanting their candy to keep
Crying wolf to trick the taxpayers, treating us like mindless sheep  
For a federal employee is a voter who will vote for those to his job try to retain
Or for more bonuses, higher pensions and benefits to gain
After reading a GAO sequester report on only one person being laid off
No wonder anything the Feds say should cause us to scoff
Not only did they on sequester completely mislead
Typical fools with Holder emptying the jails of drug cons,  more parole officers we will need
That great Pinocchio in the Senate really takes the cake
Reid on Senate floor wanted us to hold for fired feds a wake
Blasting sequester for its human costs
"A million jobs have already been lost"
Red or Blue, the feds are addicts committed to continue to spend
Until the ink runs dry on the printing press and Chinese thirst for our paper ends
Worse, the Blues in their regulations, taxes, and  new war on fossil fuels
Stymy job growth, take away too many of our job creating tools
We need a new Contract with America bullet proof and ironclad
Real cuts in spending of one percent a year or as a nation we will be had 

©May 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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