Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey Dude Quack Time For Obama Presidency?

Hey Dude
Dude, we are the Obama White House, we have nothing to fear from the press
No way these lap dogs fawning over us will serious issues address
No way they will learn the truth about this Benghazi mess
We beat the rap on Fast and Furious with no redress
We are still free from damage on Lerner's illegalities at the IRS
Holder will protect our backs ignoring any contempt at our behest
Boko Haram a non terror group now a girls into slavery quest
Dude, Michelle has the Twitter sign to the public impress
Even if we do not keep the Senate my vetoes will the Reds suppress
With a pen my executive orders will come faster than the Reds can block or digest
Great game plan from our President for his legacy to impress
Save one little glitch, one slight bump in the road my legacy to depress
What if Lerner says there is more than a smidgeon to avoid being a jail house guest
What if my intel briefings have to be released and fail the video test
And Hillary gets tripled tagged with 300 dead or slave girls, 4 Americans laid to rest
The past of Monica lets the air out of her balloon, her coronation to begin to arrest
What if I have to veto Keystone or kiss my 100 million goodbye?
Senate gone, Hillary damaged, Biden now making a serious try
Better learn to quack as it will be a tough two more years
Hounded now by the press, House and Senate, no more time for golf,  only tears. 
© May 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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