Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwing Benghazi Truth off the Cliff by the Words of Clift

 Will the House Select Committee but a circus or witchhunt as Pelosi claims as she threatens to boycott or will it be a serious search for the truth as its chairman avers.  This poet sincerely hopes for the later; and that its focus and sole goal will be to find the facts which hopefully will prevent these murders from ever happening again and not to quote our President " not a  smidgeon of effort to attack Hillary, rally the Red base or raise money for Red candidates or PACs.  Time will tell, but one thing readily apparent before the Select Committee has its first Blue member or calls its first witness is that the left is mobilizing its energy to demonize it. Small case in point is Elanor Clift claiming on the McLaughlin Report that Ambassador Stevens was not murdered but rather died of smoke inhalation as if the Benghazi staff were having a barbecue with the buidling buring as the grill and somehow the wind shifted bringing too much smoke into his lungs.  Ms. Clift we deserve better.  oh
Death by Smoke Inhalation or Murder?
Ambrose Bierce would be proud of the definitions of Eleanor Clift
When it comes to twisting words she has an unbelievable gift
As if three Americans murdered as opposed to four
Lessens the need for a Select Committed to the facts explore?
So a RPG or mortar round aimed at the building in which he was in
Misses so minimizing the fact of  murder she can spin
Not murder, only smoke inhalation into the lungs
Dying of smoke inhalation has a familiar PC tongue
Like the Ft. Hood Hassan killer was "workplace violence" lyrics sung
How stupid does she think we are to pedal such dung?
If the ambassador were on a boat that was sunk by a RPG
Unable to swim and sinks, lungs filled with water, under the sea
He wasn't murdered,  only had the misfortune to drown
With logic like that it is clear this Clift is an absolute clown
Liberal pundit, author and reporter
Clear given Benghazi issue, a rabid Hillary supporter
To paraphrase her icon: 1, 2, 3, or 4 murdered Americans what difference does it make?
Even 1 murdered as opposed to 3 inhalations will cause Hillary a 2016 major heartache
© May 15, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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