Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Weiner Resigns

Watching the chaos, scandal, greed, and the whole rainbow of human weaknesses and emotions, for a poet is like putting a kid in a candy store--there is such an overwhelming amount of material to rhyme about. Weiner's case is tragic yet so predictable. From the first denials and defiance, to the increasing revelations, to the treatment option, to a porn star, to his fellow blues fleeing from him like rats on a sinking ship to a final tearful resignation in the mosiac of a newly pregnant wife. It must be that power in addition to corrupting all but the rarest must teach them to hold themselves above the law. This Muse feels for his wife and unborn and hope with treatment his addiction is put in recovery.

Weiner, Weiner Texting Eater, Had a Seat and Couldn't Keep Her.
After a web of lies and deceit
Bobbing and weaving to stave off defeat
With Pelosi and Obama blowing taps on his career
Eyes like deer in a headlight frozen by fear
Treatment was his last card to play
Trumped by Ginger Lee, a great porn star lay
With a wife devastated and a baby in the womb
His status as Congressman is now in a tomb
Weiner finally quits and a House career is dead
Please pray the final straw was not Ginger Lee with Gloria Alred?
Some of us shudder from her images with Meg's illegal maid
Unleashing the dark thunderstorms on Meg's political parade
There are no winners in this tragedy save possibly two
Certainly Alred as she again successfully the cameras woo
The other Ginger Lee who will be paid more to go bare
And even more for whatever lurid stories she can share
Like the California streets which are now no text zones
And Metrolinks where cell phones must be left alone
Since none of us are free from sin enough to cast the first stone
Office holders should all trade in their smart phones
And place Parental like controls on their internet use
To be free of the temptation of sexual abuse.
(c) June 16, 2011 Michael P. Ridley The Alaskanpoet

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Brown Veteo

California in recent years has been put through fiscal hell and its taxpayers, vendors, and workers have had to endure purgatory of the worst sort in some years accepting IOUs because the State had not adopted a budget. Battle lines and trenches across the aisle, each blaming the other as deficits were closed with "smoke and mirrors" This year the chaos started all over but somehow our legislators buried the hatchet and actually passed a budget, a budget which the Red cutters and the Blue taxers most have both found unacceptable but they compromised as passed it anyway. So what does our governor who has never met a payroll in his life and has maybe 2 years in the private sector as a lawyer do? He vetoes the budget so he force upon us a special election to raise taxes which given our economy should fail, all the while our schools are held hostage to the greed of his biggest pac supporter the Correction Guards who staff our bloated and overcrowded prisons:

The Fat Lady Has Sung
We thought at last the Fat Lady had sung her song
But no our Governor has proved us wrong
After years of budget deadlines missed
State sinking into a partisan abyss
Vendors receiving not checks but ious
Not the Golden State we all once knew
Assembly & Senate filled with corpses of compromise
Gridlock growing as partisan hands are tied
Blues & Reds pass a budget none of them like
Brown in his "wisdom" tells them 2 take a hike
Vetoes the budget 2 push tax hike voter vote
Another challenge 2 our frail recovery boat
Higher taxes will be voted down 2 defeat
Employers continue 2 vote with their feet
Worse since a budget was passed legislators pay not cut
California will sink further in its job killing rut
Will be an exciting period but one we should all dread
Rue, rue the day Meg's illegal maid reached out 2 Gloria Alred
No matter what will be the spin
we all lose & the correction unions win
After the election sans budget back 2 square 1
State in chaos under an even larger fiscal gun
Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
(c) June 16, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

rhymes on the newsworthy times ryan royal

California is plagued with gang killings often, way too often, innocent bystanders killed by stay bullets lethal for over a mile. In today's news I see that sadly we are not alone and other communites face the scrouge. In Lynnwood Illinois a young basketball player, a star on his team with most likely a future in at least college ball and a ticket out of the poverty that chokes many black neighborhoods, Ryan Royal was killed by a stray bullet coming out of a Sweet 16 party attended by 100's of his classmates. Hit home since he has the same first name as my son. Hearts go out to his family: these thoughts came to mind:

Sweet 16 and Never More to Be Kissed
The news in illinois is very sad, very grim
When a basketball player leaves the safety of a gym
Where he probably like a Jordan could fly
Or like an Eaton block shots into the sky
Or like a Stockton or Nash he could assist
But on a party night Ryan's body a stray bullet could not resist
Sweet 16 Party in an earlier time--bring on the kiss
But on this night a life ended by a stray that did not miss
Outrage that with a stray bullet a life ends
What other message to our gangbangers do we send?
Settle disputes not with gun or knife
Appeal to mind and heart and not take a life
Somehow to the male warrior genes of "honor" and turf
You are chained to the gun like land to a feudal serf
We can flood police onto the streets
But a gang code of violence will not retreat
Time to put them into a Coliseum like gladiators of a different age
To blaze away until there are no other gang members to fuel their rage
If that is viewed as too extreme
Then to a rifle range of Marines
Learn to shoot straight when you decide to kill
Innocent bystanders then are not added to your butcher's bill

(c) June 6, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times

Sunday, June 5, 2011

rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Alec, Ken and Mitt

Maybe since i have always worked since I was 16 even while attending Stanfblord and Yale Law School I have tended to be economically conversative with have spent most of my formative years and summers in Alaska socially liberal and libertarian. One of my pet peeves has always been the very liberal tilt of Hollywood and the respect given to many of the actors and actresses as being experts usually not obtained with any experience or learning but rather a good role and a good script. Alec Baldwin whom I believe to be very good actor but asea when it comes to politics, posted on the Huffington Post a blog about Mitt Romney and why his Twitter comment on "Ken" might have been misunderstood given the limit on characters. The poem was prompted; hope you enjoy it. As always if you like brevity 240 iams always found on

Alec, Ken and Mitt
This muse never thought he would see the day,
Until maybe very old and very gray
That a liberal celebrity made expert only with scripts
Attracting like media to record all words from his lips
Would make an observation that as a muse I will affirm
Twitter's limits on bits will make most writers squirm
Baldwin in today's Romney blog
Brings his Ken comment out from the truncated fog
Mitt is the real deal, if he can get by the rabid primary right
Who has the right stuff to bring us out of the deficit and recession long nights.
We have crossed the creed barrier with JFK
Ferraro and Palin put the gender demons at bay
Obama has to our credit put the race barrier to rest
We should also be able to Mormon fears also arrest
Only one regret as a member of Stanford class of 69
Mitt after a mission came back not to the Farm but BYU for his student time
Leaving the Cardinal without another alum to the Depression memories of Hoover remove
If he could solve the Winter Olympics before the snow melt, in 4 years this mess he should improve
Alec nice blog though I hope the Obama Blues remain peacefully asleep and content
And you have more Doolittle-like roles rubbing off so your liberal leanings might somewhat relent.

(c) June 5, 2011 Michael P. ridley aka The Alaskanpoet