Monday, June 6, 2011

rhymes on the newsworthy times ryan royal

California is plagued with gang killings often, way too often, innocent bystanders killed by stay bullets lethal for over a mile. In today's news I see that sadly we are not alone and other communites face the scrouge. In Lynnwood Illinois a young basketball player, a star on his team with most likely a future in at least college ball and a ticket out of the poverty that chokes many black neighborhoods, Ryan Royal was killed by a stray bullet coming out of a Sweet 16 party attended by 100's of his classmates. Hit home since he has the same first name as my son. Hearts go out to his family: these thoughts came to mind:

Sweet 16 and Never More to Be Kissed
The news in illinois is very sad, very grim
When a basketball player leaves the safety of a gym
Where he probably like a Jordan could fly
Or like an Eaton block shots into the sky
Or like a Stockton or Nash he could assist
But on a party night Ryan's body a stray bullet could not resist
Sweet 16 Party in an earlier time--bring on the kiss
But on this night a life ended by a stray that did not miss
Outrage that with a stray bullet a life ends
What other message to our gangbangers do we send?
Settle disputes not with gun or knife
Appeal to mind and heart and not take a life
Somehow to the male warrior genes of "honor" and turf
You are chained to the gun like land to a feudal serf
We can flood police onto the streets
But a gang code of violence will not retreat
Time to put them into a Coliseum like gladiators of a different age
To blaze away until there are no other gang members to fuel their rage
If that is viewed as too extreme
Then to a rifle range of Marines
Learn to shoot straight when you decide to kill
Innocent bystanders then are not added to your butcher's bill

(c) June 6, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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