Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Weiner Resigns

Watching the chaos, scandal, greed, and the whole rainbow of human weaknesses and emotions, for a poet is like putting a kid in a candy store--there is such an overwhelming amount of material to rhyme about. Weiner's case is tragic yet so predictable. From the first denials and defiance, to the increasing revelations, to the treatment option, to a porn star, to his fellow blues fleeing from him like rats on a sinking ship to a final tearful resignation in the mosiac of a newly pregnant wife. It must be that power in addition to corrupting all but the rarest must teach them to hold themselves above the law. This Muse feels for his wife and unborn and hope with treatment his addiction is put in recovery.

Weiner, Weiner Texting Eater, Had a Seat and Couldn't Keep Her.
After a web of lies and deceit
Bobbing and weaving to stave off defeat
With Pelosi and Obama blowing taps on his career
Eyes like deer in a headlight frozen by fear
Treatment was his last card to play
Trumped by Ginger Lee, a great porn star lay
With a wife devastated and a baby in the womb
His status as Congressman is now in a tomb
Weiner finally quits and a House career is dead
Please pray the final straw was not Ginger Lee with Gloria Alred?
Some of us shudder from her images with Meg's illegal maid
Unleashing the dark thunderstorms on Meg's political parade
There are no winners in this tragedy save possibly two
Certainly Alred as she again successfully the cameras woo
The other Ginger Lee who will be paid more to go bare
And even more for whatever lurid stories she can share
Like the California streets which are now no text zones
And Metrolinks where cell phones must be left alone
Since none of us are free from sin enough to cast the first stone
Office holders should all trade in their smart phones
And place Parental like controls on their internet use
To be free of the temptation of sexual abuse.
(c) June 16, 2011 Michael P. Ridley The Alaskanpoet

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