Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candy is Bias

Candy Crowley should never ever appear agin in a public forum....A total bias interfering moderator we have ever seen. Fact Checker? More like False spreader. Moderate is not the concept if you interupt and distort. Maybe the obvious obesity spilled into what few impartial if any brain cells and emotions she might still have. Obama you are probably great on one on one but when you have 2 on one you cannot lose. Hopefully next week will be different and you will face the period of your decption and the loss of 4 Americans.
Candy is Bias
I love a good debate of issues to face
Each side trying to the other's position debase
Obama and Mitt two alpha fighting males
Trying to woo those unto their campaign trail
Jab, counterpunch and bob and weave
Time for the undecided to take a stand and leave
But there was a cancer, a bias that we should never tolerate
Candy went over the top when she was only to moderate
What gave her the right to interupt and distort?
A closet Obama supporter to try to Romney distort?
This campaign with its millions is an honesty stain
Impartial "moderators" are also now to blame
Candy in a word your actions were most lame
Bias, bias, you really should be ashamed!!!!!

Obama Lies/ Americans Die

The debate last night was amazing; two alpha males snarling and biting but with a "moderator" who overstepped her charge and clearly favored Obama. Libya clearly will be on the floor next week and sadly for us as a nation and the four families who lost loved ones, we have a President who without doubt has lied to us with a State Department that would not provide security. This failure is the stake waiting to be driven into Obama's haeart next week to finally rid us of this incompetent man.
Obama Lies/ Americans Die
Not a 5 hour attack in Libya way too intense
Days of no terror but a video response
The mediator was off base
Impartiality to debase
Obama talked about terror in a general sense
And the deceiving continued to mount
Our ambassador hit the talk shows with an Obama lie
It was a response to the video that caused 4 Americans to die
Obama went to the UN to sadly repeat
Media sadly save Fox to any accuracy repeat
Carney in full deceitful spin
Video, how can any chance for the truth to win
Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive
But Laden's minions still thrive
We knew it was a terrotist attack
You lied for 14 days Barack
Killing Bin Laden a great piece of work
But your policy of apology to Islam brings out more dangers that lurk

© October 17, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pass the Rice
The tragedy at Benghazi continues to unravel in the President's hands. This was a terrorist attack, not a mob reaction to some amateur video. The President got caught with his hands in the cookie jar and 4 Americans died. Hopefully the media will no longer abdicate its role and start doing its job instead of worshipping Obama who in this poet's humble opinion is clueless and worse dishontest. Who told Rice to go on the talk shows with the false blame of a video and why?

Bin Laden may be dead and GM is alive
But Obama in a futile attempt spreads falsehoods to survive
A video to somehow the attack to sow
Honesty in place of politics a new low.
Who sent Rice out to spread the lies
About the cause of 4 Americans who died?
It is time for the media to act like the 4th Estate
And this hero worship of Obama to finally abate
Biden lied during his debate
Obama bails on his briefings no priorities to rate
Another four years of the same
If we vote yes we deserve condemnation and shame.
 Worse our enemies of the night will rightfully mock
And the forces of terror will be globally unlocked
© October 15, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Taliban insanities: what insane devotion to a religion drives people to shoot young girls. You can only wish these fanatics were located on one island, one mountain, one valley, one desert so you could destroy them completely. They do not have the right to live on this planet

How sick can sick be when the Taliban shoots a young girl in the head
For going to school to learn to read the books she may have read
The Taliban are fanatics that should be killed on the spot
This is the War on Women the Prophet could not have taught
Our war against these fanatics will wind down into a slow retreat
Embolded these fanatics view it as an American defeat
Lemay once said if he had the chance in the Vietnam War
His bombs would open to the North the Stone Age door
Maybe these people are so fuedal and evil it is time to do the same
Move the Afghans and nuke every inch of Taliban dirt without shame
(c) 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
Arlen Specter, RIP: On of the more maverick senators we have ever had died today; at age 82 Arlen Specter, cast his last vote and left this earth. It would be hard to find unanimity in the political world to find someone outraged by his positions--Red and Blue. He may not be loved and he may be subject to great disgust....But instead of political bias and rot; he at least was the standard for independent Senatorial thought. RIP Senator; independence of mind is a great gift 

After many years we no longer have an Arlen Specter
Love him, hate him but like a true Senator always on an independent vector
 Unlike the followers of Harry Reid
 A Senator should not follow but let his conscience lead
 As a student at Yale under Bork I think he was wrong
 Even conservative intellect on the court really does belong
 But he stood up for his beliefs
 liberals and conservatives brought to grief
 A man of character none of us should fear
 Votes on principles not votes to gain another six years
This poet knows not this man but suspects
 He is at the right seat of the Father urging bias never to infect.
(c) 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka theAlaskanpoet