Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arlen Specter, RIP: On of the more maverick senators we have ever had died today; at age 82 Arlen Specter, cast his last vote and left this earth. It would be hard to find unanimity in the political world to find someone outraged by his positions--Red and Blue. He may not be loved and he may be subject to great disgust....But instead of political bias and rot; he at least was the standard for independent Senatorial thought. RIP Senator; independence of mind is a great gift 

After many years we no longer have an Arlen Specter
Love him, hate him but like a true Senator always on an independent vector
 Unlike the followers of Harry Reid
 A Senator should not follow but let his conscience lead
 As a student at Yale under Bork I think he was wrong
 Even conservative intellect on the court really does belong
 But he stood up for his beliefs
 liberals and conservatives brought to grief
 A man of character none of us should fear
 Votes on principles not votes to gain another six years
This poet knows not this man but suspects
 He is at the right seat of the Father urging bias never to infect.
(c) 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka theAlaskanpoet

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