Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shame on the Blues

Politicians of both parties too often view themselves above the law and common sense. Too many dollars at risk growing each week. Careers and pension no founding father would ever seek. We face the most important election since the Civil War....our economy sinks daily yet Blue diversion and distractions soar. The latest is the Akin's flap and the desire of the Blues to link.

Right out of the gate without hesitation, Akin was urged
By all Reds to leave the race and from the party purged
No politician from either party has the right to throw the first stone
Either Red or Blue, most have ethical or moral sins to atone
Either in prose or in iams it is impossible to find the words
To properly frame Akin's depravity and reason absurb
No woman should ever, period ever be subject to rape or abuse
Threads of civility fraying and torn loose
In a better world, men and women of conscience could force him to resign
And sever the false linkage design
Akin fool though he may be should not detract
From the serious discussion of issues that may keep us from ever coming back
(c) Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 8/22/2012

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