Wednesday, August 15, 2012


If Biden's bio is correct in 1978 he was 26
He should remember the Steiger Amendment lowering taxes did the trick
Venture Capital investments in this country soared
New hires were coming through new companies' doors
Most were free of the faltering economy chains
Opportunities not cats and dog were in the falling rains
Maybe he has been in Washington too long
The hot air and need for his career have muted discourse that belongs
His brain cavity is a maze of smear attacks that always lurk
To allege Mitt will put blacks in chains makes me berserk
Words are more powerful than the largest stick or stone
Like about a 100 or more gaffs this one he really should atone
This is worse than the Blues alleging the Tea Party wanted Blacks hanging from trees with nooses around their necks
We all should after we hear this smear any other words from him into the trash can deflect
Ryan is one of the few politicians to cast a shadow from Diogenes' day time lamp
While Biden and Obama ignoring solutions to the issues continue their smearing attacks to ramp.

                                              Michael P Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet © August 14, 2012

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