Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Biden Gaff

Joe Biden seems to have a disconnect between his mouth and liberal brain. We are all guilty of that from time to time--words exceed the speed of rational thought and we wish we could do a Ground Hog Day but edit the tape. Biden and Obama seem different; they are  incapable of apology or admitting mistake. The lastest gaff from Biden is his remark that Romney and his party want to put the audience,  mostly Afro-Americans back in chains. the good news is  Romney strongly lashed back; the potential bad news is that Obama if he has any intelligence will find a new vice president candidate.
Another Biden Gaff
Biden's latest gaff is like an Aretha Franklin song
But the tune, timing and the words were very wrong
To imply that Romney and Ryan want to put the Blacks back in chains
Is a racist statement to a person we should strongly disdain
This is a campaign on which there is no record on which to run
Worse, the smearing, distortion and lies have only just begun
We face issues that cry out for rational discourse and thought
Instead we face a campaign where discourse and civility has been fatally shot.
The office of President Obama continues to deface
So far from the 2008 Hope and Change face
In this never ending increasing sea of mud and lies
Before we throw up our hands and forever Obama's and Biden's actions decry
We are not a stupid people and will no longer listen to the smearing tunes
In November we will eject Obama and save this nation from further ruin
Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet (c) August 15, 2012

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