Sunday, July 15, 2012

Romney's Time to Take the Offense

Wars, political campaigns, and sporting events are not won by remaining on the defense. Even Ali in the rope-a-dope finally started throwing punches and the Russians after two years and one half years of primarily defense with local counterattacks went on the offense after Kursk and destroyed the Wermacht. Obama has put Romney on the defense on tangential issues and managed thus far the spolight of his disasterous record. Off your heels; time for the offense.

Offense Take the Field  

W. Mitt Romney it is high time to get off your heels
Or our lousy economy notwithstanding Obama this election will steal
Responses delivered from the heels have no force
For this nation and its future you have to follow an offensive course
Even Luck or Elway from their heels no long distance TDs
Only slow floaters for the defense easy to seize
Even Ali or Foreman from their heels in a punch no more than a tap
As opposed to the full force forcing a trip to the canvas for a quick nap
Woods driving from his heels would not be a rocket launched into the far sky
But more like a barely moving short distanced butterfly
From his heels Ruth or Aaron would have been blooper single hitters at best
Outfielders would have had plenty of time to rest
The only thing on your heels would be favored is to ski barefoot
So shed the heel posture and trump with the offense suit
Obama in a past life been a bomber pilot dispensing chaff
To confuse the fights and hide his economy stimuli gaffs
This election should not about lots of jobs gained or saved
 as opposed to some jobs lost or outsourced
Review Obama’s record on the economy and Iran, how cannot Romney be best suited to bring this country back on course.
Bring on the pension funds and endowments that were able to grow and not be drained
Millions and millions in scholarships and pensions as a result of money Bain gained.
Private equity does not invest in companies they expect to fail and then try to raid
But rather to expand the business to pay down debt, more equipment and wages paid
You have the winning card; capitalism creates wealth ala Jobs and Gates
Unless you are a desperate Obama not subject to rational debate
The closest Obama has been to a paycheck is to visit Solyndra’s plant floor
As millions upon millions urged on by a contributor went into its vault doors
As Mitt I hope you get off your heels and nail him to his past inactions and deeds
Very quickly you should move into a commanding invincible lead
To extinguish and insure the end of an issue that will smolder, distract and burn
Some friendly advice, you really should release more of your tax returns.

  © July 15, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka Alaskanpoet

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