Sunday, July 15, 2012

MSNBC Bias and Rachel Maddow

Rachel Massow is in a major snit that Ann and Mitt did not appear to be interviewed by her. What she fails to realize in that closed minds lead to bias and unrelenting attack surrounded by similar closed minds to reenforce her bias position which lead to ego off the chart. Mitt and Ann did the right thing. Her bias is not worth any attempt her to open her mind and why do anything to help her ratings.
Poor Rachel Plenty of Time no One of Stature to Interview
No right conservative mind
Wants to spend with Rachel any time
She is a biased ideologue to her inner core
An interview with her would cause her abysmal ratings to soar
Her Stanford degree like mine means she must be smart
But her crusade against Reds has closed any open mind and poisoned her heart
Rachel take a cue on Fox fair and balanced concept
Tone down the bias tone, the attacks, more of us some of your views we might accept
Small case in point you vilify and smear Mitt for having an account Swiss
Yet condemning your head of the DNC for having Swiss is a story you conveniently miss
Bias and hypocrisy should be one of the deadly sins
As a Stanford grad you should rise above and toss into the trash bin

© 7/15/2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Akaskanpoet

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