Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day

The 4th is a special day even if the kegs and barbecues hold sway. If there had been a Vegas in 1776, the odds would have been against the formation of this nation against world's greatest navy and best army. Yet we prevailed and the name an phrase says it all. E Plubris Union and one nation under God. God bless America have a great 4th

The 4th is perhaps one of our most symbolic days of the year
One day before after Washington took command to shed an army of its Lion's fear
We were an embryonic nation in deep divide
Too many trying to pick the winning side
Go with George the III or with Franklin and Payne
With words and reason replaced by musket and canon refrain
Somehow with bravery and sacrifice a union did emerge
We survived and rid us of the Lion's scourge
13 little armies would have been swept by the Lion's paw
To shaking under the nonrepresented English laws
But united we at Yorktown turned the world upside down
Fast forward to a world of Red and Blue Clowns
All fighting over an ever expanding curse
As the feds control more and dig deeper into our purse
The most cherished sense of Independence is clear
It is to on this day at least shed one's partisan jeers
We cannot let the suffering of Valley Forge
Be forgotten as partisanship our democracy gorges

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