Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watergate Again When Will They Ever Learn?

It's Watergate all over; minor crime but coverup leads to Nixon resigning. Why is it that politicians and bureaucrats like Holder believe the truth will never see the light of day at least until after an election or better yet termed out of office. The inference base on the refusal to release and now the las second assertion of executive privelige has only one implication....Holder has lied and hopefully not so given the office, Obama may be involved in the cover up.

It’s Not the Crime but the Coverup 

It was a third rate office burglary of offices used in a campaign
An when the smoke had finally cleared a President went down the drain
Cover up and perjury in a rule of law are major no nos, major mistakes
It was a third rate office burglary of offices used in a campaign -do not be surprised into jail the lies will quickly take
It's Watergate all over except here one of us died
Refusing to release raises no doubt Holder has lied
What secret or process does Holder or Obama have to hide
And why  the rule of law our AG refuses to abide?
Sadly the Blues are silent except our Botox Princess who calls a tit for a tat
Holder's defense of voting roles is why the Reds are taking him to the truthful mat
DOJ is supposed to be without even the hint of bias, scandal, or improper means
If Holder does not resign how from DOJ will the hint of perjury will we ever wean? 
© June 23, 2012 michael p ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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