Saturday, June 16, 2012

HBO time for Maher to go

After using the "C" word to describe Sarah Palin the favorite little "comedian" of the left, Bill Maher blasted the Mormon church and this country as stupid. Where is the outcry, where is the loss of sponsorhip. When will Obama put principle above money and return Maher's $1,000,000?

According to Maher Mormonism is a stupid religion and so are all of us to the core
Despite these attacks HBO cowardly fails to show him the door
The only stupid people in the country are those who into his show tune
Laughing at his barbs to take this country to ruin
Such a little man, so insecure
Attacking this country with motives not pure
How stupid can you be in this age
From a public TV stage
To attack a religion and bring a country along too
To call us a mation stupid means he is without clue
The only stupid people in this nation are those who are his fans
Hopefully with each vile outburst a dwindling ban
Find some backbone HBO
He's not funny only obscene time to go
Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 6/16/2011

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