Sunday, October 23, 2011

Libyan Spring Into the Fall

It took 8 months to remove a tryant of 42 years, pulled from a drainage pipe to be attacked then shot. We now await with baited breath the workings of a new regime; whether democracy will prevail. Our Secretary of State applauds our president for his wisdom and insight in the removal of Khadaffi. A bit premature
Who Is Next
Before we all join in Clinton's accolades
Maybe a bit of rain on the Obama parade
Hillary applauds Obama's insight and his lead
My memory is one of dilly dally causing more to bleed
Worse like most Presidents the War Powers Act he ignored
At least to his credit he kept boots off the ground on another far off shore
At last after 42 years a tyrant terrifies no more
Maybe democracy chances might soar
But this exercise of 8 months shows NATO to be a hollow force
Running out of munitions rebel air support needed to enforce
You can run but you cannot forever hide
If the U.S. drones are not on your side.
Iran and Syria still remain as great thorns
The rule of law to completely by both in contempt and scorn
Syria should be next but we not longer have the wealth or the will
So like Khadaffi, Assad without compunction will continue to kill
While Iran despite all manner of rebuke
Continues to pursue building its nukes.
While the Super Committee will not find the means to slash
And our overextended military will become very short of cash
© October 24, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Friday, October 7, 2011

5 th Amendment Victim

today is the 10 year anniversary of the our war in Afghanistan and the initial suppor to the Taliban of Osama Bin Laden. Fortunately with technology we are kill Al Queda like flies as it should be. Last week we killed two American citizens suspected and probably 99% certain of being involved in terror crimes against this country. Tough deal to support the rule of law and the Constitution. Maybe if we are to portect our long term freedom we leave the capture or kill to the movies. If we can kill American citizens in a car, are anyone of us ultimately safe

Fifth Amendment Still Here?

Once again we with Predators have shone
A terrorist has no bodyguards, you are always alone
This has been a ten year war with sacrifices beyond belief
Families and loved ones struggling through times of grief
Forces of terror always wanting to slaughter innocents on our shores
Brave men and women another tour to pull a bloody oar.
We killed Bin Laden and unlike the thousands blown into pieces and bits
Buried him albeit in crab heaven according to Islamic writs
But he was not a citizen only a terrorist that needed to die
But now we have taken one of us with a missile over a Yemen sky
Only before in the movies or the books of fiction best
Do we allow our government to kill without 5th Amendment test
We all wish to rejoice but maybe with a slight warning chill
Which of us may be the target when without trial our government wishes to kill.
© Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet October 7, 2011

Shades of Contra

It seems like only yesterday in a jungle closer to home than most of us would like to admit, our government was in the Contra drug business, selling drugs that flood the streets of America in exchange for weapons for the Contras against the Sandinistas. And today we have Fast and Furious running guns across the border to find their way into the cartels and murder scenes including one of our one. We also have the spectable of an Attorney General who may have committed perjury. It is a sad sad day for American Juirsprudence and this Alaskanpoet was kept in plausible denial by his Attorney General who for a whole host of reasons should at the minimum be fired.
Know When To Holder Know When To Folder
Eric Holder needs to be fired and charged--no slap of hand rebuke
Running guns is so serious, you do not only read about the nukes
The G letter is not just about a spot
This is where governments come to rot
Maybe the memos talked about cars going to Mexico for nagauhyde
I do not believe it any more than Xerxes could with whips stop a tide.
Unless this man who has shed its impartial core
Was too stupid to in the rain know when to close the door.
He testified under oath and this poet believes he lied
And one of our own gunned down alone on a border died
Perjury for a lawyer or an AG should be the most heinous sin
Where else does the rule of law have any chance to begin
I hope our President in such details as running guns to cartels
Has not an idea that such a stupid idea would exist.
An being an accessory I would not support
But how could Holder not know of all the reports
When do men of character who are sworn to the law protect
Man up and with remorse admit a decision I will always regret?
When do we once again accept responsibility and not toss blame
To avoid our actions that besmirch and our integrity defame
Holder must be a smart man but if memory fogged and not clear
Obama's last acts in his only term will be a pardon so he will not fear.
(c) Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet