Sunday, October 23, 2011

Libyan Spring Into the Fall

It took 8 months to remove a tryant of 42 years, pulled from a drainage pipe to be attacked then shot. We now await with baited breath the workings of a new regime; whether democracy will prevail. Our Secretary of State applauds our president for his wisdom and insight in the removal of Khadaffi. A bit premature
Who Is Next
Before we all join in Clinton's accolades
Maybe a bit of rain on the Obama parade
Hillary applauds Obama's insight and his lead
My memory is one of dilly dally causing more to bleed
Worse like most Presidents the War Powers Act he ignored
At least to his credit he kept boots off the ground on another far off shore
At last after 42 years a tyrant terrifies no more
Maybe democracy chances might soar
But this exercise of 8 months shows NATO to be a hollow force
Running out of munitions rebel air support needed to enforce
You can run but you cannot forever hide
If the U.S. drones are not on your side.
Iran and Syria still remain as great thorns
The rule of law to completely by both in contempt and scorn
Syria should be next but we not longer have the wealth or the will
So like Khadaffi, Assad without compunction will continue to kill
While Iran despite all manner of rebuke
Continues to pursue building its nukes.
While the Super Committee will not find the means to slash
And our overextended military will become very short of cash
© October 24, 2011 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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