Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Susan Rice who lied
While 4 Americans died
Now Hagel who will sacrifice the Jews
In the Muslim world, Obama is without a clue
Bid Laden may be dead  and GM is alive
But video notwithstanding Al-Quada has survived
We are stuck with a President  on major issues totally inept
The founding fathers in their graves with tears wept
xoo  paid the ultimate price

Monday, December 24, 2012

Time to save some lives

The thought of 20 children and seven adults killed by a youth deranged fills us with grief.
Today 2 firemen were added to the body count We must keep the Second Amendment but this culture of gun violence must be curbed and mental deranged should never be allowed access to firearms period.

Time to Save Some Lives

My stepfather was a lifelong member of the NRA
A gunsmith who loved to hunt elk, moose and deer to slay
A lifelong supporter the right to bear arms
To hunt, target shoot and protect family from harm
But not for video crazed youth in a predictable ill mental rage
To kill 20 children ending their chance to complete their walk across life's
He would be angrily rolling in his grave
He would view the NRA's position on large clips as depraved
NRA this is not a case of zero one
And fight any limitation however tiny on the use of guns
If you need a thirty round plus ammo clip
A lousy shot and more likely to miss than hit
Limit the size of a clip and the shooter must stop to reload
Time to escape and limit victims cut down like grass mowed
The only pistols alowed should be revolvers not Glocks
And no gun should be allowed to be sold or owned without a trigger lock
Just like the First Amendment does not allow you to yell in a theater "Fire!"
It is time for the violent video gamesand films  to be retired.
Our mental health system is a travesty and a joke
How many more people with unchecked guns have their hearts broke
NRA, a gun in every classroom is an insane design
We must teach all of us to recognize the mental illness signs

Michael P. Ridley aka  the Alaskanpoet (c) December 24,2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candy is Bias

Candy Crowley should never ever appear agin in a public forum....A total bias interfering moderator we have ever seen. Fact Checker? More like False spreader. Moderate is not the concept if you interupt and distort. Maybe the obvious obesity spilled into what few impartial if any brain cells and emotions she might still have. Obama you are probably great on one on one but when you have 2 on one you cannot lose. Hopefully next week will be different and you will face the period of your decption and the loss of 4 Americans.
Candy is Bias
I love a good debate of issues to face
Each side trying to the other's position debase
Obama and Mitt two alpha fighting males
Trying to woo those unto their campaign trail
Jab, counterpunch and bob and weave
Time for the undecided to take a stand and leave
But there was a cancer, a bias that we should never tolerate
Candy went over the top when she was only to moderate
What gave her the right to interupt and distort?
A closet Obama supporter to try to Romney distort?
This campaign with its millions is an honesty stain
Impartial "moderators" are also now to blame
Candy in a word your actions were most lame
Bias, bias, you really should be ashamed!!!!!

Obama Lies/ Americans Die

The debate last night was amazing; two alpha males snarling and biting but with a "moderator" who overstepped her charge and clearly favored Obama. Libya clearly will be on the floor next week and sadly for us as a nation and the four families who lost loved ones, we have a President who without doubt has lied to us with a State Department that would not provide security. This failure is the stake waiting to be driven into Obama's haeart next week to finally rid us of this incompetent man.
Obama Lies/ Americans Die
Not a 5 hour attack in Libya way too intense
Days of no terror but a video response
The mediator was off base
Impartiality to debase
Obama talked about terror in a general sense
And the deceiving continued to mount
Our ambassador hit the talk shows with an Obama lie
It was a response to the video that caused 4 Americans to die
Obama went to the UN to sadly repeat
Media sadly save Fox to any accuracy repeat
Carney in full deceitful spin
Video, how can any chance for the truth to win
Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive
But Laden's minions still thrive
We knew it was a terrotist attack
You lied for 14 days Barack
Killing Bin Laden a great piece of work
But your policy of apology to Islam brings out more dangers that lurk

© October 17, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pass the Rice
The tragedy at Benghazi continues to unravel in the President's hands. This was a terrorist attack, not a mob reaction to some amateur video. The President got caught with his hands in the cookie jar and 4 Americans died. Hopefully the media will no longer abdicate its role and start doing its job instead of worshipping Obama who in this poet's humble opinion is clueless and worse dishontest. Who told Rice to go on the talk shows with the false blame of a video and why?

Bin Laden may be dead and GM is alive
But Obama in a futile attempt spreads falsehoods to survive
A video to somehow the attack to sow
Honesty in place of politics a new low.
Who sent Rice out to spread the lies
About the cause of 4 Americans who died?
It is time for the media to act like the 4th Estate
And this hero worship of Obama to finally abate
Biden lied during his debate
Obama bails on his briefings no priorities to rate
Another four years of the same
If we vote yes we deserve condemnation and shame.
 Worse our enemies of the night will rightfully mock
And the forces of terror will be globally unlocked
© October 15, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Taliban insanities: what insane devotion to a religion drives people to shoot young girls. You can only wish these fanatics were located on one island, one mountain, one valley, one desert so you could destroy them completely. They do not have the right to live on this planet

How sick can sick be when the Taliban shoots a young girl in the head
For going to school to learn to read the books she may have read
The Taliban are fanatics that should be killed on the spot
This is the War on Women the Prophet could not have taught
Our war against these fanatics will wind down into a slow retreat
Embolded these fanatics view it as an American defeat
Lemay once said if he had the chance in the Vietnam War
His bombs would open to the North the Stone Age door
Maybe these people are so fuedal and evil it is time to do the same
Move the Afghans and nuke every inch of Taliban dirt without shame
(c) 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
Arlen Specter, RIP: On of the more maverick senators we have ever had died today; at age 82 Arlen Specter, cast his last vote and left this earth. It would be hard to find unanimity in the political world to find someone outraged by his positions--Red and Blue. He may not be loved and he may be subject to great disgust....But instead of political bias and rot; he at least was the standard for independent Senatorial thought. RIP Senator; independence of mind is a great gift 

After many years we no longer have an Arlen Specter
Love him, hate him but like a true Senator always on an independent vector
 Unlike the followers of Harry Reid
 A Senator should not follow but let his conscience lead
 As a student at Yale under Bork I think he was wrong
 Even conservative intellect on the court really does belong
 But he stood up for his beliefs
 liberals and conservatives brought to grief
 A man of character none of us should fear
 Votes on principles not votes to gain another six years
This poet knows not this man but suspects
 He is at the right seat of the Father urging bias never to infect.
(c) 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka theAlaskanpoet

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shame on the Blues

Politicians of both parties too often view themselves above the law and common sense. Too many dollars at risk growing each week. Careers and pension no founding father would ever seek. We face the most important election since the Civil War....our economy sinks daily yet Blue diversion and distractions soar. The latest is the Akin's flap and the desire of the Blues to link.

Right out of the gate without hesitation, Akin was urged
By all Reds to leave the race and from the party purged
No politician from either party has the right to throw the first stone
Either Red or Blue, most have ethical or moral sins to atone
Either in prose or in iams it is impossible to find the words
To properly frame Akin's depravity and reason absurb
No woman should ever, period ever be subject to rape or abuse
Threads of civility fraying and torn loose
In a better world, men and women of conscience could force him to resign
And sever the false linkage design
Akin fool though he may be should not detract
From the serious discussion of issues that may keep us from ever coming back
(c) Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 8/22/2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


If Biden's bio is correct in 1978 he was 26
He should remember the Steiger Amendment lowering taxes did the trick
Venture Capital investments in this country soared
New hires were coming through new companies' doors
Most were free of the faltering economy chains
Opportunities not cats and dog were in the falling rains
Maybe he has been in Washington too long
The hot air and need for his career have muted discourse that belongs
His brain cavity is a maze of smear attacks that always lurk
To allege Mitt will put blacks in chains makes me berserk
Words are more powerful than the largest stick or stone
Like about a 100 or more gaffs this one he really should atone
This is worse than the Blues alleging the Tea Party wanted Blacks hanging from trees with nooses around their necks
We all should after we hear this smear any other words from him into the trash can deflect
Ryan is one of the few politicians to cast a shadow from Diogenes' day time lamp
While Biden and Obama ignoring solutions to the issues continue their smearing attacks to ramp.

                                              Michael P Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet © August 14, 2012

Another Biden Gaff

Joe Biden seems to have a disconnect between his mouth and liberal brain. We are all guilty of that from time to time--words exceed the speed of rational thought and we wish we could do a Ground Hog Day but edit the tape. Biden and Obama seem different; they are  incapable of apology or admitting mistake. The lastest gaff from Biden is his remark that Romney and his party want to put the audience,  mostly Afro-Americans back in chains. the good news is  Romney strongly lashed back; the potential bad news is that Obama if he has any intelligence will find a new vice president candidate.
Another Biden Gaff
Biden's latest gaff is like an Aretha Franklin song
But the tune, timing and the words were very wrong
To imply that Romney and Ryan want to put the Blacks back in chains
Is a racist statement to a person we should strongly disdain
This is a campaign on which there is no record on which to run
Worse, the smearing, distortion and lies have only just begun
We face issues that cry out for rational discourse and thought
Instead we face a campaign where discourse and civility has been fatally shot.
The office of President Obama continues to deface
So far from the 2008 Hope and Change face
In this never ending increasing sea of mud and lies
Before we throw up our hands and forever Obama's and Biden's actions decry
We are not a stupid people and will no longer listen to the smearing tunes
In November we will eject Obama and save this nation from further ruin
Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet (c) August 15, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Romney's Time to Take the Offense

Wars, political campaigns, and sporting events are not won by remaining on the defense. Even Ali in the rope-a-dope finally started throwing punches and the Russians after two years and one half years of primarily defense with local counterattacks went on the offense after Kursk and destroyed the Wermacht. Obama has put Romney on the defense on tangential issues and managed thus far the spolight of his disasterous record. Off your heels; time for the offense.

Offense Take the Field  

W. Mitt Romney it is high time to get off your heels
Or our lousy economy notwithstanding Obama this election will steal
Responses delivered from the heels have no force
For this nation and its future you have to follow an offensive course
Even Luck or Elway from their heels no long distance TDs
Only slow floaters for the defense easy to seize
Even Ali or Foreman from their heels in a punch no more than a tap
As opposed to the full force forcing a trip to the canvas for a quick nap
Woods driving from his heels would not be a rocket launched into the far sky
But more like a barely moving short distanced butterfly
From his heels Ruth or Aaron would have been blooper single hitters at best
Outfielders would have had plenty of time to rest
The only thing on your heels would be favored is to ski barefoot
So shed the heel posture and trump with the offense suit
Obama in a past life been a bomber pilot dispensing chaff
To confuse the fights and hide his economy stimuli gaffs
This election should not about lots of jobs gained or saved
 as opposed to some jobs lost or outsourced
Review Obama’s record on the economy and Iran, how cannot Romney be best suited to bring this country back on course.
Bring on the pension funds and endowments that were able to grow and not be drained
Millions and millions in scholarships and pensions as a result of money Bain gained.
Private equity does not invest in companies they expect to fail and then try to raid
But rather to expand the business to pay down debt, more equipment and wages paid
You have the winning card; capitalism creates wealth ala Jobs and Gates
Unless you are a desperate Obama not subject to rational debate
The closest Obama has been to a paycheck is to visit Solyndra’s plant floor
As millions upon millions urged on by a contributor went into its vault doors
As Mitt I hope you get off your heels and nail him to his past inactions and deeds
Very quickly you should move into a commanding invincible lead
To extinguish and insure the end of an issue that will smolder, distract and burn
Some friendly advice, you really should release more of your tax returns.

  © July 15, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka Alaskanpoet

MSNBC Bias and Rachel Maddow

Rachel Massow is in a major snit that Ann and Mitt did not appear to be interviewed by her. What she fails to realize in that closed minds lead to bias and unrelenting attack surrounded by similar closed minds to reenforce her bias position which lead to ego off the chart. Mitt and Ann did the right thing. Her bias is not worth any attempt her to open her mind and why do anything to help her ratings.
Poor Rachel Plenty of Time no One of Stature to Interview
No right conservative mind
Wants to spend with Rachel any time
She is a biased ideologue to her inner core
An interview with her would cause her abysmal ratings to soar
Her Stanford degree like mine means she must be smart
But her crusade against Reds has closed any open mind and poisoned her heart
Rachel take a cue on Fox fair and balanced concept
Tone down the bias tone, the attacks, more of us some of your views we might accept
Small case in point you vilify and smear Mitt for having an account Swiss
Yet condemning your head of the DNC for having Swiss is a story you conveniently miss
Bias and hypocrisy should be one of the deadly sins
As a Stanford grad you should rise above and toss into the trash bin

© 7/15/2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Akaskanpoet

Friday, July 13, 2012

If you want to see what truly majestic structure that over $100,000, 000 will buy go to Avocado in Newport Beach and look at the new City Hall under instruction. A thing of beauty of great cost. Our problem may be we have to much sand for our city fathers to stick their heads into to ignore the winds of insolvency howling through the cities of this state.
                     Find the Right Color
The financial chaos and overspending thrust
Has just caused three California cities to bight the dust
Too much pensions, too much salaries with an economy in a long term stall
No wonder that cities across the state have their backs up against the wall
There is also a sign of spending on projects to the max
Even in a time of falling revenue from all sources of tax
This city ran well for many years in buildings nondescript
They somehow worked and kept us out a financial crypt
But if you work in the shadow of luxury mansions and yachts
A more majestic place of government is what most employees sought
Go up Avocado to see workings on a $100,000,000 recreation of our surf
White wave upon white wave on the roof moving on a line up the turf
The crash of the white waves you can almost hear
Close your eyes and you can see the surfers running for their gear
An ocean’s foam and spray you can almost feel
As a design for a city hall this is the real deal
Save for one detail somewhat overlooked
As growing liabilities flow over our city’s books
These waves like Stockton may be pushing us over the brink
As a warning they perhaps should be painted not white but pink
The only silver to be found is that the library is so close
Our city fathers may find a book on fiscal sanity now that we need it most.

© July 13, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


NAACP Plants?

This election is rapidly into the theater of the absurd. As the Obama campaign is committed to the Fog of Distraction, doing every it can to avoid discussing his record on what really matters to most of us--the economy.  From the existence of Swiss Accounts (surprise even the head of the DNC has had them) to being the outsourcer of jobs (look to the head of GE on President Obama's council of economic advisers who has outsourced more jobs than any human being in this country), to the attacking of his wife because she rides and has a horse entered in the Olympics (riding great theraphy for MS victims) to securing his dog on the roof (Obama as a child used to eat them and have you ever seen a dog at his happiest when his head is stuck as far as can be out of the window and into the air). This last flap over his appearance at the NAACP and the boos takes the cake. Enough when do we discuss the economy and the President's record.

                                                   NAACP Plants?
Once again it looks like the Botox Queen must have had an overdose
To allege that Romney schemed for the boos in an election sadly too close
When will Obama and his minions end the shell game
When the economy and jobs remain at best lame
Smoke and mirrors and hope the voters are sidetracked
And do not focus on what Obama lacks
Truman once said and meant to his credit that the buck stops here
In Obama's case it is the trillions are really part of Bush's baggage and gear
Does he really believe his record we will ignore?
As the economy continues to crash through the floor
Palin may not be viewed as the brightest but she hit it on the head
Any focus on the economy fills Obama with fear and major dread 

                                       © Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 7/13/2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three's are

San Bernardino, CA has just become the third and largest city in California to file for bankruptcy protection while Scranton, PA cut purblic workers' wages back to minimum wage as it is almost out of cash. Like the Nenana Ice Game in Alaska one wonders which city here or accross the country will be next, victims of bloated pensions and generous wages and benefits. Unlike the federal government, the states and cities must balance their budgets and cannot print money. At least there is some recognition that the costs of pensions, far better than any of us in the private sector would receive, must reduced along with wages and benefits---witness the June elections in San Jose and San Diego. As long as the politicians are corrupted by the donations created by mandatory dues, the only solution will be drastic and in a bankruptcy court.

San Bernardino Makes Three
They say the third time is the charm
Finally the public will raise the alarm.
San Bernardino now becomes the third
A victim of public pensions absurd
Three BKs in such a brief time
How many more cities standing in line?
If I were a public union boss
I would be quaking at the thought of complete loss
Of above market pensions and wages
How could they be so immune to growing taxpayer rages
Sadly we elected leaders needing union funds and without spine
Now it's time to face the music or join the BK line
Cut pensions, cut wages, create an efficiency culture
No more mandatory dues to weaken the public union vulture
Or Newport Beach will join the line even with all its yachts
Those egregious contracts and pensions will be for not.
Not worth the paper printed on
When will realization finally dawn?
(c) July 11, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marvin K Holder It Is time for You to Gos

Just when you thought there might be so civility and safe to go back into water and engage in some constructive discourse, the June employment numbers come up and Obama remains in deep trouble. Like World War I soldiers firing smoke to hide their path and somehow reach the trenches before they are mowed. Hereto but the trenches are the election and the soldiers and voters. Anything to distract from his record will do. Holder now takes center stage in that effort.

A new racist trumpet now blows into the air
Voter ID in Texas  as the race card comes out of its lair
This is not in Holder's eyes a way to election fraud guard
No this is a Poll Tax--make it way too difficult, way too hard
Ridiculous, name an act you can do or public place to enter without an ID
From entering a building, boarding a bus, plane train or borrowing a book or pair of skis
Maybe in Texas you have to drive far
How many deterred when a need to enter a bar
With an ID you have freedom to move and the check changer's talon deflect
Walk back home not with pockets of cash gangs steal and  nearby taverns infect.
There are solutions like the book mobiles in the rural past
Can't come to the library, we'll come to you and spark a love of reading to forever last.
If Holder were a private citizen we could dismiss and ignore
But as AG he's the racial 900 pound gorilla pounding on your door
Without doubt he has run the most racial DOJ in all times
No wonder Lady Justice has her eyes covered to avoid seeing the slime
We should have a lottery to detect the next Obama distraction
A 100 more rounds of golf and Air Force One is a fatal attraction
So like Marvin K. Moody it is time for you to go
So we may have time fallow the seeds of diviseness you did sow
(c) July 10, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day

The 4th is a special day even if the kegs and barbecues hold sway. If there had been a Vegas in 1776, the odds would have been against the formation of this nation against world's greatest navy and best army. Yet we prevailed and the name an phrase says it all. E Plubris Union and one nation under God. God bless America have a great 4th

The 4th is perhaps one of our most symbolic days of the year
One day before after Washington took command to shed an army of its Lion's fear
We were an embryonic nation in deep divide
Too many trying to pick the winning side
Go with George the III or with Franklin and Payne
With words and reason replaced by musket and canon refrain
Somehow with bravery and sacrifice a union did emerge
We survived and rid us of the Lion's scourge
13 little armies would have been swept by the Lion's paw
To shaking under the nonrepresented English laws
But united we at Yorktown turned the world upside down
Fast forward to a world of Red and Blue Clowns
All fighting over an ever expanding curse
As the feds control more and dig deeper into our purse
The most cherished sense of Independence is clear
It is to on this day at least shed one's partisan jeers
We cannot let the suffering of Valley Forge
Be forgotten as partisanship our democracy gorges

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watergate Again When Will They Ever Learn?

It's Watergate all over; minor crime but coverup leads to Nixon resigning. Why is it that politicians and bureaucrats like Holder believe the truth will never see the light of day at least until after an election or better yet termed out of office. The inference base on the refusal to release and now the las second assertion of executive privelige has only one implication....Holder has lied and hopefully not so given the office, Obama may be involved in the cover up.

It’s Not the Crime but the Coverup 

It was a third rate office burglary of offices used in a campaign
An when the smoke had finally cleared a President went down the drain
Cover up and perjury in a rule of law are major no nos, major mistakes
It was a third rate office burglary of offices used in a campaign -do not be surprised into jail the lies will quickly take
It's Watergate all over except here one of us died
Refusing to release raises no doubt Holder has lied
What secret or process does Holder or Obama have to hide
And why  the rule of law our AG refuses to abide?
Sadly the Blues are silent except our Botox Princess who calls a tit for a tat
Holder's defense of voting roles is why the Reds are taking him to the truthful mat
DOJ is supposed to be without even the hint of bias, scandal, or improper means
If Holder does not resign how from DOJ will the hint of perjury will we ever wean? 
© June 23, 2012 michael p ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pelosi's Tit for a Tat

Nancy Pelosi has just leveled one of the most insane allegations this poet has seen in a long, long time. From the person who has made thousands upon thousands of dollars according to Throw Them All Out, trading on inside information on companies she regulates, this latest sense of outrage is pure insanity. To claim that the Republicans are attacking Holder's obstruction with respect to Fast and Furious because his politicized DOJ has attacked the states trying prevent illegal aliens from voting is so mind boggling it calls into question the amount of Botox the former speaker must have ingested.  Holder should resign but he will not and like the ferret he looks like will be cunning enough to keep the truth away from the American people until after the election. The thought of Nancy Pelosi as speaker again, should result in all sane voters voting red to prevent that.
At 72, Nancy has had too many injections of Botox that may have pierced into the brain
Her latest rantings verge on loosing it and are almost the raving of the insane
To allege the attack on Holder's Fast and Furious obstructions and lies
In a botched operation clearly not thought out and an agent dies
Is revenge for the Holder's war on the states trying to keep illegals away from stealing our vote
Is a position that will never hold water in no way will it float.
The AG holds a sacred honored trust
In Holder's case justice is covered with political rust
We have in Holder the most political AG--justice is no longer blind
When will his cover up on Fast and Furious finally unwind?
If there was nothing for him or the White House to hide
The documents would have been unleashed in tsunami tide
 Pelosi take your foolish charges to the parents of our agent dead and buried in the ground
Waiting and grieving and wondering if justice, true justice will ever come around.
(c) June 22, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


Saturday, June 16, 2012

HBO time for Maher to go

After using the "C" word to describe Sarah Palin the favorite little "comedian" of the left, Bill Maher blasted the Mormon church and this country as stupid. Where is the outcry, where is the loss of sponsorhip. When will Obama put principle above money and return Maher's $1,000,000?

According to Maher Mormonism is a stupid religion and so are all of us to the core
Despite these attacks HBO cowardly fails to show him the door
The only stupid people in the country are those who into his show tune
Laughing at his barbs to take this country to ruin
Such a little man, so insecure
Attacking this country with motives not pure
How stupid can you be in this age
From a public TV stage
To attack a religion and bring a country along too
To call us a mation stupid means he is without clue
The only stupid people in this nation are those who are his fans
Hopefully with each vile outburst a dwindling ban
Find some backbone HBO
He's not funny only obscene time to go
Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 6/16/2011

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daytona Blues

Just as the government intrusion into our lives expands into each nook and cranny from health care to the regulation of one's property to the banning of non licensed children's lemonade stands so have the campaigns for political office. You cannot watch TV without being exposed to political ads most of which are negative sound bites devoid of any discussion of the issues that might matters. No event is immune including that iconic auto race the Daytona 500. A direct result of the millions of dollars available to candidates due to the Super-Pacs motivated not by what is good for the country but rather to buy access and influence legislationDaytona Blues

So much for the dignity and purity of sport
At Daytona political forces will the voters exhort
There is no safe haven to escape the campaign's hectic pace
The UAW will have an anti Mitt banner flying before and after the race
Santorum throws the dice and sponsors car number 22
What happens if it throws a rod early and is through?
God certainly listens to men and gives them what they need
But prayers from a race car He will not heed
Romney will be there as a spectator without banners or cars
Thank God with the engine noise any words will not go far
We can not escape this campaign and the general will be worse
Too much money a by-product of the Super-Pac curse.
A democracy to prosper, to endure must elect the very best
Integrity, intelligence, leadership not money should be the test

© Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
February 26, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Amendment Rights

The war on religious exercise and freedom escalated on Friday and although the issue involves the First Amendment, in the fine print it also involves the degree to which our federal government can dictate to its citizens the nature of the medical care they can receive or have to pay for. I am not Catholic and my ex-wife was and we in violation of Church doctrine we used contraceptives during our marriage. She was very devout and I am sure that in her confessions she probably asked for forgiveness. But to require a Church or a Church based organization to fund procedures which clearly violate the tenets of their faith is outrageous. There are 77 million Catholics in the U.S. This President is above his pay grade, inept, and one of the greatest divders we have ever seen. Hopefully those of faith will rise up as one and terminate his disasterous presicdency!

A Bitter Pill

I am not Catholic and believe the Church's policy on birth control is insane
Condemns millions into poverty and potential futures down the drain
But in the First Amendment I am the strongest supporter you will find
This latest ado on contraception shows Obama is literally out of his mind
Religion may ebb and flow
In times of chaos or war quickly grow
But to order the Church to ignore the rulings of its Pope
Is a government sliding down the tyrannical slope
I hope in services today across this country all churches rose as one
To insure that this election by the attackers of faith will not be won
© 2/12/2012 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskan Poet

Whitney Houston

Tragic news on Saturday on the eve of the Grammys. Whitney Houston dead at 48. In the movies Kevin Costner would have protected her. But in real life the siren song of drugs and alcohol is so strong, stronger than multiple rehabs. This poet could not carry a tune one step, but as a poet, deeply mourns the loss of a fellow artist. The autopsy is not out but this may be another case of Joplin, Hendricks, or many of the most talented humans on this planet need to die prematurely before we get a handle on drug use? Lohan you are a fraction of the talent of this woman, but if you do not get your act together her final moments way too soon are you

Whitney Singing to God

She had a voice that went so high to speak to God
And went so low to places most singers never trod
Humans are the only species that sing and carry a tune
So tragic when such a talent may have come to ruin
The Grammys were almost here private award reserve
How should the Grammys her memory preserve?
Moments of silence, her recordings of her songs, tearful accolades?
Another idea to join in Whitney's mournful parade
Maybe the music geared to drug use should fade
Too many singers an early price have already paid
Performing live must lead to unbelievable highs followed by great lows
The up and down be the ease to addiction sow
Whitney rest in peace our ears will never be the same
To be touched by such a voice to passions inflame
God made us in his image so music He must love
If we stare at the Northern Lights or stars we know you are singing to Him above.

© 2/12/2012 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskan Poet