Friday, July 13, 2012

If you want to see what truly majestic structure that over $100,000, 000 will buy go to Avocado in Newport Beach and look at the new City Hall under instruction. A thing of beauty of great cost. Our problem may be we have to much sand for our city fathers to stick their heads into to ignore the winds of insolvency howling through the cities of this state.
                     Find the Right Color
The financial chaos and overspending thrust
Has just caused three California cities to bight the dust
Too much pensions, too much salaries with an economy in a long term stall
No wonder that cities across the state have their backs up against the wall
There is also a sign of spending on projects to the max
Even in a time of falling revenue from all sources of tax
This city ran well for many years in buildings nondescript
They somehow worked and kept us out a financial crypt
But if you work in the shadow of luxury mansions and yachts
A more majestic place of government is what most employees sought
Go up Avocado to see workings on a $100,000,000 recreation of our surf
White wave upon white wave on the roof moving on a line up the turf
The crash of the white waves you can almost hear
Close your eyes and you can see the surfers running for their gear
An ocean’s foam and spray you can almost feel
As a design for a city hall this is the real deal
Save for one detail somewhat overlooked
As growing liabilities flow over our city’s books
These waves like Stockton may be pushing us over the brink
As a warning they perhaps should be painted not white but pink
The only silver to be found is that the library is so close
Our city fathers may find a book on fiscal sanity now that we need it most.

© July 13, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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