Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three's are

San Bernardino, CA has just become the third and largest city in California to file for bankruptcy protection while Scranton, PA cut purblic workers' wages back to minimum wage as it is almost out of cash. Like the Nenana Ice Game in Alaska one wonders which city here or accross the country will be next, victims of bloated pensions and generous wages and benefits. Unlike the federal government, the states and cities must balance their budgets and cannot print money. At least there is some recognition that the costs of pensions, far better than any of us in the private sector would receive, must reduced along with wages and benefits---witness the June elections in San Jose and San Diego. As long as the politicians are corrupted by the donations created by mandatory dues, the only solution will be drastic and in a bankruptcy court.

San Bernardino Makes Three
They say the third time is the charm
Finally the public will raise the alarm.
San Bernardino now becomes the third
A victim of public pensions absurd
Three BKs in such a brief time
How many more cities standing in line?
If I were a public union boss
I would be quaking at the thought of complete loss
Of above market pensions and wages
How could they be so immune to growing taxpayer rages
Sadly we elected leaders needing union funds and without spine
Now it's time to face the music or join the BK line
Cut pensions, cut wages, create an efficiency culture
No more mandatory dues to weaken the public union vulture
Or Newport Beach will join the line even with all its yachts
Those egregious contracts and pensions will be for not.
Not worth the paper printed on
When will realization finally dawn?
(c) July 11, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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