Friday, July 13, 2012

NAACP Plants?

This election is rapidly into the theater of the absurd. As the Obama campaign is committed to the Fog of Distraction, doing every it can to avoid discussing his record on what really matters to most of us--the economy.  From the existence of Swiss Accounts (surprise even the head of the DNC has had them) to being the outsourcer of jobs (look to the head of GE on President Obama's council of economic advisers who has outsourced more jobs than any human being in this country), to the attacking of his wife because she rides and has a horse entered in the Olympics (riding great theraphy for MS victims) to securing his dog on the roof (Obama as a child used to eat them and have you ever seen a dog at his happiest when his head is stuck as far as can be out of the window and into the air). This last flap over his appearance at the NAACP and the boos takes the cake. Enough when do we discuss the economy and the President's record.

                                                   NAACP Plants?
Once again it looks like the Botox Queen must have had an overdose
To allege that Romney schemed for the boos in an election sadly too close
When will Obama and his minions end the shell game
When the economy and jobs remain at best lame
Smoke and mirrors and hope the voters are sidetracked
And do not focus on what Obama lacks
Truman once said and meant to his credit that the buck stops here
In Obama's case it is the trillions are really part of Bush's baggage and gear
Does he really believe his record we will ignore?
As the economy continues to crash through the floor
Palin may not be viewed as the brightest but she hit it on the head
Any focus on the economy fills Obama with fear and major dread 

                                       © Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 7/13/2012

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