Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marvin K Holder It Is time for You to Gos

Just when you thought there might be so civility and safe to go back into water and engage in some constructive discourse, the June employment numbers come up and Obama remains in deep trouble. Like World War I soldiers firing smoke to hide their path and somehow reach the trenches before they are mowed. Hereto but the trenches are the election and the soldiers and voters. Anything to distract from his record will do. Holder now takes center stage in that effort.

A new racist trumpet now blows into the air
Voter ID in Texas  as the race card comes out of its lair
This is not in Holder's eyes a way to election fraud guard
No this is a Poll Tax--make it way too difficult, way too hard
Ridiculous, name an act you can do or public place to enter without an ID
From entering a building, boarding a bus, plane train or borrowing a book or pair of skis
Maybe in Texas you have to drive far
How many deterred when a need to enter a bar
With an ID you have freedom to move and the check changer's talon deflect
Walk back home not with pockets of cash gangs steal and  nearby taverns infect.
There are solutions like the book mobiles in the rural past
Can't come to the library, we'll come to you and spark a love of reading to forever last.
If Holder were a private citizen we could dismiss and ignore
But as AG he's the racial 900 pound gorilla pounding on your door
Without doubt he has run the most racial DOJ in all times
No wonder Lady Justice has her eyes covered to avoid seeing the slime
We should have a lottery to detect the next Obama distraction
A 100 more rounds of golf and Air Force One is a fatal attraction
So like Marvin K. Moody it is time for you to go
So we may have time fallow the seeds of diviseness you did sow
(c) July 10, 2012 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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