Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kenya Wake-Up Call

The news in Nairobi, Kenya is pretty grim; to be gunned down because a non Muslim should outrage us all. It should also strike fear in the hearts of all peace loving Muslims and Christians. Obama as much as he avoids the term Islamic radicalism or Jihad and prefers to euphemistically portray Jihadist murder like the shootings at Fort Hood as "workplace violence", the fact of the matter is that we may be in a Holy War with no uniforms, no front lines, no quarter and no moral restraint or even the most basic tenets of humanity with Jihadists who by killing men, women, and children innocent all all crimes other than being in a school, mall, place of worship or going to work guarantees these demented fanatics a front row seat with the virgins in their Paradise: To all humans  of all faiths, especially Muslims, and all humans without faith,  join us in a new Crusade to eradicate the plague of Jihadism from the earth:
                                                    Kenya Wake-Up Call
This poet can only pray that Obama heeds another deadly, bloody wake-up call
As yet another group of fanatic Jihadists kill scores of nonMuslims in a Kenya mall
It is time to finally call a spade a spade
Time to end this politically correct, appeasing charade
We can continue to have a reasoned, thoughtful, nonbiased debate
But the facts sadly are that to the Jihadists no amount of infidel blood can ever sate
At least thanks to our Seals, Osama bin Laden is dead
But Jihad has a never ending supply of new terror heads
We can drone these fanatics to death by the score
Yet like dragon teeth a never ending supply coming through the door
We are with a portion of Islam in an unholy crusade
A simple truth that even in a PC world can no longer be delayed
If a new Marshall Plan would work to give the unemployed Muslims a stake
Maybe then with something to lose might hesitate to join the Paradise wake
Or if women could somehow shed the repressed feudal chains
Lysistrata the mullahs and Jihadists in a powerful voice to tame
What may be needed is the Islamic equivalent of the edict of Worms
Ayatollahs, mullahs, and Muslims of all sects branding Jihadists as  heretics, scum, as unfit germs
That the Quran and Allah the killing of infidels no longer condones or affirms
That the Gates of Paradise are shut and in Hell the Jihadist will forever burn
A prayer by humanity of all faith that millions of Muslims join in this noble crusade
And the Jihadists in the sanctuaries of support and aid will no longer be able to raid
Until then we will be driven to a unholy war against Muslims sadly wage
Daily watching our precious Book of Soul, Tolerance and Humanity lose yet another  page.
(c) September 24, 2013 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet