Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candy is Bias

Candy Crowley should never ever appear agin in a public forum....A total bias interfering moderator we have ever seen. Fact Checker? More like False spreader. Moderate is not the concept if you interupt and distort. Maybe the obvious obesity spilled into what few impartial if any brain cells and emotions she might still have. Obama you are probably great on one on one but when you have 2 on one you cannot lose. Hopefully next week will be different and you will face the period of your decption and the loss of 4 Americans.
Candy is Bias
I love a good debate of issues to face
Each side trying to the other's position debase
Obama and Mitt two alpha fighting males
Trying to woo those unto their campaign trail
Jab, counterpunch and bob and weave
Time for the undecided to take a stand and leave
But there was a cancer, a bias that we should never tolerate
Candy went over the top when she was only to moderate
What gave her the right to interupt and distort?
A closet Obama supporter to try to Romney distort?
This campaign with its millions is an honesty stain
Impartial "moderators" are also now to blame
Candy in a word your actions were most lame
Bias, bias, you really should be ashamed!!!!!

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