Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

Tragic news on Saturday on the eve of the Grammys. Whitney Houston dead at 48. In the movies Kevin Costner would have protected her. But in real life the siren song of drugs and alcohol is so strong, stronger than multiple rehabs. This poet could not carry a tune one step, but as a poet, deeply mourns the loss of a fellow artist. The autopsy is not out but this may be another case of Joplin, Hendricks, or many of the most talented humans on this planet need to die prematurely before we get a handle on drug use? Lohan you are a fraction of the talent of this woman, but if you do not get your act together her final moments way too soon are you

Whitney Singing to God

She had a voice that went so high to speak to God
And went so low to places most singers never trod
Humans are the only species that sing and carry a tune
So tragic when such a talent may have come to ruin
The Grammys were almost here private award reserve
How should the Grammys her memory preserve?
Moments of silence, her recordings of her songs, tearful accolades?
Another idea to join in Whitney's mournful parade
Maybe the music geared to drug use should fade
Too many singers an early price have already paid
Performing live must lead to unbelievable highs followed by great lows
The up and down be the ease to addiction sow
Whitney rest in peace our ears will never be the same
To be touched by such a voice to passions inflame
God made us in his image so music He must love
If we stare at the Northern Lights or stars we know you are singing to Him above.

© 2/12/2012 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskan Poet

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