Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Red bites the Dust and the field is narrowed. Cain was a breath of fresh air in a politician dominated scene. Know not whether the late accusations were true only that in today's world you must live in a glass office and glass house and be the person without a stone to cast. Otherwise in moments of the piranha press your indiscretions means the campaing will not last. We elect Clinton who the White House stained blue dress defamed, yet an act of misplaced friendship we dumped Herman Cain
Able Not Cain
Another Red bites the dust, as we keep searching for a candidate to trust
Positions that seemed shiny and bright too soon dull and rust
We will never know if 9-9-9 ever had a chance
But if you are married you cannot seek another for romance.
At least we were spared the Edwards’ love child
Result of politicians’ arrogance run wild.
Politicians without morals or values are the new rock stars
Magnets for groupies near the podium and from afar
After a life of mixing cheese, sauce, pepperonis and dough
Cain sees the light and decides finally it’s finally time to go
Perry was a bright super nova, the Texas Flash
Until the debates disclosed lack of grasp and he crashed
Paul remains the darling of the right, Libertarian to his very core
But now the oceans are no longer invincible moats to protect our shores
It has been a comedy thank God with one person not on the stump
We have been spared the agony of dealing with Donald Trump
The man who saved the Winter Olympics and led a liberal state
And who understands business and jobs and faithful to values and his mate
Yet this bright and honorable man may not overcome the religious right
Yet Independents would flock to his colors on Election Night
Michelle was a rising conservative star
Until her gay bashing went a bit too far
Leaving us with the reptilian equivalent of a cat with nine lives
From his Tiffany accounts to his many wives
Newt is like his reptile namesake newt where after a setback
Whatever lost staff or limbs find a way to quickly grow back
A new Contract with America but with an organization way too thin
At least the words come out as ideas without the normal spin
As we see Obama’s DOE dole out millions to Obama friends
Fast and Furious corruption and perjury growing not soon to end
Any of the candidates could do a better job and the corrupt swamp drain
And end at four years Obama’s failed and divisive reign.
One thing is certain whoever wins when the Reds select
Must appeal to the Indie vote or we will not elect
The other is that all Reds must unite and turn out in droves
Or we will face another 4 years of class warfare and division Obama sows
© 12/3/2011 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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