Monday, December 5, 2011

Stockton Simpletons

The news out of Stockton California is that the elementary school classrooms cannot display images of Santa. What idiocy. No wonder why those of us paying the taxes to fund bloated pension fund costs feel disconnected and outraged. Who is next? The leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day, the Easter Bunny on Easter or our Flag on Memorial Day, What an outrage. Nothing like pushing a kid into premature adulthood than to destroy a belief in Santa or the tooth fairy as soon as the PC idiots of Stockton can. Along with the parents, the Santa Claus Mall Santas should picket these idiots before their next target becomes our flag on Memorial Day.

Stockon School Simpletons
Children grow up way too fast.
Such a challenge to make innocence last.
Now we hear in a Stockon school Santa's images must disappear.
Along with most likely with all images many of us revere.
Deprive a child of Santa and watch his eyes grow old.
... Loss of Youth for no gifts is quickly sold.
Santa is not Christian;he has been around longer than these insane PC nerds.
I hope the Stockton parents dressed as Santas descend for their voices to be heard.
As a parent I would prefer a six or seven year old with some sense of magic left.
Before to--be--cool TV engineers its youthful theft.
If misguided Stockton does not listen or heed.
Is the Easter Bunny next as the icon our PCs' will weed?
What does it take for this country to come back to its roots
To protest and stymy this insane misguided cultural loot.

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