Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rhymes on the Newsworthy Times Brown Veteo

California in recent years has been put through fiscal hell and its taxpayers, vendors, and workers have had to endure purgatory of the worst sort in some years accepting IOUs because the State had not adopted a budget. Battle lines and trenches across the aisle, each blaming the other as deficits were closed with "smoke and mirrors" This year the chaos started all over but somehow our legislators buried the hatchet and actually passed a budget, a budget which the Red cutters and the Blue taxers most have both found unacceptable but they compromised as passed it anyway. So what does our governor who has never met a payroll in his life and has maybe 2 years in the private sector as a lawyer do? He vetoes the budget so he force upon us a special election to raise taxes which given our economy should fail, all the while our schools are held hostage to the greed of his biggest pac supporter the Correction Guards who staff our bloated and overcrowded prisons:

The Fat Lady Has Sung
We thought at last the Fat Lady had sung her song
But no our Governor has proved us wrong
After years of budget deadlines missed
State sinking into a partisan abyss
Vendors receiving not checks but ious
Not the Golden State we all once knew
Assembly & Senate filled with corpses of compromise
Gridlock growing as partisan hands are tied
Blues & Reds pass a budget none of them like
Brown in his "wisdom" tells them 2 take a hike
Vetoes the budget 2 push tax hike voter vote
Another challenge 2 our frail recovery boat
Higher taxes will be voted down 2 defeat
Employers continue 2 vote with their feet
Worse since a budget was passed legislators pay not cut
California will sink further in its job killing rut
Will be an exciting period but one we should all dread
Rue, rue the day Meg's illegal maid reached out 2 Gloria Alred
No matter what will be the spin
we all lose & the correction unions win
After the election sans budget back 2 square 1
State in chaos under an even larger fiscal gun
Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
(c) June 16, 2011

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