Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love May Be Blind But Sudan Sharia Sees Death For Interfaith Wives

 Love May Be Blind But Sharia Sees Death For Interfaith Wives
The War on Women by radical Islam shows no sign of fading out
Look to today’s news if on the issue one has even the slightest doubt
Sudan bans under Sharia law, like the Nazis who marriage to a Jew did ban,
An interfaith wedlock, and puts at death risk any Muslim woman who marries a Christian man
Even if the young woman raised Christian is 8 months pregnant with child
Another reason why fanatic Islam should be condemned and  reviled
One only wonders if the keepers of the Sharia before they put her to death
Will allow the baby to be born before she takes her last breath
Boko Haram takes young girls because they are exposed to education for their minds
In Sudan, if a woman wants to live, love growing into a marriage cannot be faith blind
Love between a man and a woman is what makes us humans in large part very unique
To kill this woman because she will not renounce her faith should give rise to universal pique
We cannot as a civilized world in a PC mode pretend this war does not exist
Like the ostriches in the sand, such “workplace acts of violence” put us at too great a risk.
How long must the civilized world stand in the shadows of PC fear?
Before fanatic Islam grasps a sense of humanity to which it must adhere
Do we need a Marshall Plan in the Muslim world to seek living standards improvement?
Or do we with youth culture of internet, music, selfies and instagrams create a winning youth movement?
Or like the Crusades of old do we admit reason with these fanatics will never greet
As we unite as one to bring about Sharia law’s ultimate defeat.
Not sure of the answers, save that our leaders must all be like Cato with a new target to destroy
Radical Islam must be wiped out with all arms and material and spiritual forces we can deploy!
© May 15, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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