Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MREs Are Not M1 Abrams Or Stingers

Food Fight In Ukraine As US Power Ebbs And Wanes
Biden talks tough in Kiev; "we will stand by Ukraine."
As American military power under his boss continues to wane
If Putin orders his Russian speaking plants to more territory  seize
A repeat like the Crimea, he could do with ease
What do we do, instruct Ukrainians how to quickly freeze
Their U.S. non lethal, save to the eater thereof,  MREs?
Then toss them like stones at the Russians in the hope they will quake and then stop
As another chunk of land into Putin hands then quickly drops?
Obama with his Rolling Thunder sanctions and feckless red lines in the sand
Will not lift a finger to with lethal aid give the Ukrainians a chance to withstand
Hopefully, the Ukrainians know that when it comes to Obama's aid they are alone
For we will have deaf ears to the wails and tears as they are carved into larger Russian zones
So it will at least not be like Budapest in 56 where we sat slinging encouraging,  empty words
While the Hungarians were mowed down in a Red Army tank driven surge.
If Obama must remain in the non lethal only aid camp
Maybe his surrender to his Green money bags he could revamp
A Europe looking to the U.S. for some of its fossil fuels
Would turn Putin into the chump, into the fool
But with Steyer pledging $100 million to Blues who will oppose Keystone XL
Getting Obama to approve more fracking and  that pipeline will be an impossible sell
With an energy aid option off the table, we can only pray Putin wishes Ukraine to first digest
Ere the Bear moves to the Baltics and puts our treaty obligations in NATO to the Article 5 test. 
© April 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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