Monday, April 28, 2014

Honesty When It Comes To Putin A Great Risk

My Republic For Talons To Go With My Sanctions Talk
In a wing and a prayer moment Obama’s leadership lack is again revealed
No wonder Ukraine’s fate with Russia will be sealed
A timid bit of “sanctions” against individuals announced today
But “sanctions” on industries held in reserve for another day
How many days of warning have we given Putin and his friends
To move assets, shield, conceal or otherwise insure failure is the sanctions only end?
Rolling Thunder, the day by day slow escalation of bombing force
Merely added to the guests in the Hanoi Hilton and did not alter any course
Economic sanctions did not work in Korea, did not work in Iran
To deter in any way the quest for nuclear arms in the face of UN ban
In dealing with Russia,  crippling sanctions sadly flow the other way
China will in a heartbeat replace the EU for Russian oil to quickly pay
All Russia has to do if there is even a hint the EU may sanctions try to impose
Ratchet up the price and curtail the energy to EU creating major woes
While watching both EU and US economies then fall to new lows
Secure in the knowledge Obama’s Greens will prevent US fossils to grow
At least and at last a moment of honesty from our President proof of a policy of ideas bankrupt
“We don’t know if it will work”—Talk about an invitation for the Bear’s aggression to erupt.
Poets can of course herald  "of arms and the man I sing"
Harder to without data and knowing the forces the Russians can bring
To suggest to this President how to reshuffle this miserable deck
To in some way the Federation restoration needs of Putin to deflect
Other than to immediately end our military shrink
Cutting back by the thousands will not make Putin blink
Open up the spigot of aid to Ukraine and the Baltics rearm
Go viral so all remember Bloodlands to raise the genocidal alarm
Putin may not be a Stalin clone
But that remains to be shown
©April 28, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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