Thursday, April 10, 2014

Child Endangerment on the High Seas

At least this week with the chaos in Ukraine, Murrysville and Fort Hood and the ongoing sorrow over the disappeared Malaysian 777, we had some good news to cheer about. The Kaufmans with two girls, one three and the other one were attempting to sail around the world. Their youngest became ill 1000 miles off the coast of Mexico and a task force of the US Navy, Coast Guard and the California Air National Guard came to their rescue, complete with a scene of a raft being parachuted out of a plane, followed by four rescuers.
       Makes this poet glad to be an American but as a father totally mystified how parents could expose two small infants to the potential dangers of such a voyage. If the D.A does not file child endangerment charges, hopefully at bare minimum some strong lectures and maybe a parenting class.
Their boat was sunk by the Navy as to not be a navigation hazard. Hope the Navy used the opportunity for a simulated drug running bust on the high seas to improve marksmanship.
Child Endangerment On The High Seas
Sail round the world is always on the top of one's bucket list
The lure of adventure and an open sea to hard to resist
But bucket lists by definition are for adults not toddlers one and three
What kind of parent in their right mind would expose kids to dangers of the seas
The Pacific is pacific in name only and has claimed many a larger ship
 These parents have lost any sanity grip
Put an infant in a car and not in a car seat
And from the law you are in great heat
Putting infants in a thirty-six foot craft in potential stormy seas these parents should repent
At best it is stupidity at worse can only be child endangerment
At least our Navy rises to the challenge and saves the day
Our giving nature means these idiot parents for a rescue will not pay
Their boat now sunk, transported by the Navy back to dry land
Where these toddlers new contact with the seas will be shovels and pails in the sand
Given the proclivity of lawyers for a drop of blood from miles away to sniff
One hopes they signed a release so any suit against the Navy would be given short shrift
Hopefully these parents have their lessons learned and mistakes not try to repeat
Lucky this time, the next the Pacific may not be so easy to defeat

©April 10, 2014  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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