Saturday, April 26, 2014

To Defeat Type II, Pray For Rain And Pass The Coffee

Coffee Is The New Cure Against Type II
Too many times I’ve been told to my coffee habit wean
To forego one of life’s simple pleasures, the jolt of caffeine
As we Americans are on an obesity binge
The effects of diabetes we should all come to cringe
Blindness, kidneys, heart disease, sores and loss of feet
If ever we needed a silver bullet for this disease to defeat
News today of studies that more coffee each day
Will keep the wrath of Type II at bay
Off to the kitchen to grind up some beans for fresh Starbucks to brew
No cream or sugar to dilute, smell the aroma and bid farewell to Type II
Just when it is time to maybe on a pastry to splurge
No longer the need to fight the sugar siren call urge
What do I see when I with a French Roast at my side
Online news of coffee prices on an upward spiral ride
Drought in Brazil is killing the coffee crop
Uptick in prices gain mo and will not stop
Time to go to the market and be a hoarder and stock up
Pray for rain in Brazil and know my coffee doses I will not disrupt.
Life may not be just and life may not be fair
But at least in coffee, we know how to prepare
If all else fails there may be still some Type II prayers
That tea, herbal, green or black with coffee same Type II shield shares 

© April 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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