Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Weiner Like Moment by McAllister We Do Not Need

No More Groupie Magnets
After years of gridlock and refusal to cross the partisan isle
We are fed up with the rhetoric and defamatory bile
This nation yearns for men and women in Congress who believe
That bipartisanship is not a four letter word, but a way for our problems to relieve
Just when we are almost in complete gridlock despair
A new bipartisanship trend too many in Congress seem to share
It matters not whether the Congressman is Weiner Blue or the latest McAllister Red
A common trait to all pretense of morality and family values to discard and shed
Where we need leaders, we get Walter Mitty rock stars on tour instead
Who believe they are entitled to get any female, single or married, into their bed
Weiner with his emails and a baby on the way was not the first
McAllister caught kissing a staffer will not be the last to try quench his sexual thirst
We mere mortals hope Congress from sexual harassment in the workplace has not made itself immune
Whether his kissed aide sues or not, for him in Congress there can be no room
Worse, with a 16 year marriage and  a faith and family values, and Duck Dynasty endorsement campaign
His hypocrisy puts him beyond repair; his party should dump him down with the trash down the drain
Being “sorry” most likely only because on a video he was caught
Does not excuse this lapse of values or moral rot
He needs to resign and his fellow Reds must take the point and lead
Expel him if he does not; we do not need a Blue planting of another “War on Woman” seed.
We as a nation need men and women of ethics willing to put above party or self the nation’s need
Not men driven to obey the lusts of their reptilian brains, and morality no longer heed.
© April 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet



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