Monday, March 24, 2014

Michelle On The Great Wall Strolls As Russian Tanks May Roll

First Family Junkets On The Great Wall
It is ironic that Michelle Obama touts education on her China trip
While a large part of her party is held hostage to the teachers union’s grip
Look at the public schools of almost any large city in this land and what comes to mind?
Only, despite billions of aid and dollars, our kids in the world race drop further behind
Look at the charter schools in the same cities free of crushing union rules
What you see are almost always very successful achieving schools
But look as teachers are forced to contribute dues in order to teach
More campaign dues to Blues means no real reform will ever reach
Kids of color drop out like flies in a DDT never ending mist
If they somehow stay, any chance of learning long missed
Any time the media is focused on Michelle as opposed to media sycophants
Fawning over such trivia as a President filling out the bracket Dance
While old fabrics for curtains are being dusted off
While Putin and his minions at our “sanctions” scoff
Regardless of the huge costs once again born by us
May be a value and perhaps we should not raise a fuss
But at least so, we might get some sense of value for her 15 minute in China talk
Open the event to our media as the First Family without Obama enjoys its Great Wall walk.
In a time when austerity should be our goal and our sacred quest
Now is the time for not more First Family junkets but for a lot less.
© March 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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