Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mustangs Shocks Shockers Cinderella Wears A Glass Nike

It is March Madness and Cinderella time; Cal Poly Mustangs the only losing team in March Madness just declawed the Tigers of Texas Southern to advance to the tournament of 64. That is the good news. The bad news is that they face the Shockers of Wichita State on Friday. Go Mustangs. We all love an underdog; hopefully the Upset Gods do too and better yet enjoy poetry:
Mustang Shocks Shockers Cinderella Wears A Glass Nike
It may be too early to be measuring for a Nike shoe of glass
But for today, the carriage works, the Mustangs firing on all cylinders upset gas
Cal Poly still keeps its first time ever March Madness Dance Card
Looming ahead is an undefeated team almost impossible to guard
One would either have to be a dreamer to the max or off one’s complete rocker
For on Friday night after the Tigers declawed they meet the Shockers
A game next to impossible to put on any sort of hopeful spin
Up against a number one seed with no losses and 34 wins
History may be against the Mustangs; they face a heavy rein
No 16 seed has ever played a number one and lived to play again
Worse, the Mustangs have lost their superstitious enhancing fears
With this Tiger win, triskaidekaphobia by the Shockers may disappear
But history also in this nation is that of Mustangs in the unconquered West
Where dreamers and settlers said, " let’s cross—we can pass this test!"
The frontier of knowledge and innovation has not closed at Cal Poly at SLO
In the classroom, on the diamond, and now on the court, those dreams still grow
If I had a choice of a favored thoroughbred or Mustang wild which would I pick
A jockey in silks or a rider seeking to dance in chaps with dreams to stick?
And a coach bred to chaos surrounded by his siblings numbering 15
With a spread of years from the oldest to youngest of exactly 19
Knowing dreams of upset from a son of history in the sophomore class near an AMTRAC
This bard looks to his next poem on Friday musing that overconfident Shockers’ did not come out on top
19 is a number to forge a team’s character into high tensile steel
Upset desires to overcome the saddles of expectations and bring 20 losses to heel.
But if the Upset Gods somehow feel the wins must end and the carriage must return to
pumpkin seed
These Mustangs’ pursuit of dreams and desire to win is exactly the uplift this nation
now really needs.
© March 19, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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