Monday, March 17, 2014

EPA Fines 75k A Day Sanity Slays

The EPA must be exhausted after destroying logging due to the Spottted Owls and shutting down coal-fired power plant after coal-fired power plant. You would think it would be into regulation hibernation so it could unleash its fury on the Keystone XL Pipeline; but no it is still alive and well pursuing easy saps to harass and threaten with fines to put them into bankruptcy. News that a Wyoming family of four is being hounded by the EPA for building a pond on its 8 acres for wildlife and birds and threatened with a $75,000 a day fine is outrageous.   My muse comments  below:
EPA Once Again On The Fine At Drop Of The Hat
Once again the EPA is in headlines as all reason and sanity it strives to slay
Threatening fines and penalties of $75,000 a day
For a company discharging toxic chemicals into a waterway?
Or a company using illegal pesticides to vermin slay?
No! Nothing so dramatic or something we all would support
No! Here is news of actions of a far more troubling sort
A Wyoming family of five builds a pond for wildlife to drink and birds to rest
EPA comes down on them with a major daily fine threatening distress
Animal species are in a losing battle with humans over places to eat, live and nest
Why in creating a pond would the EPA such welcome habitat addition suppress?
If the Johnson family were fortunate to have a beaver family dam their creek
Not a problem; but if manmade, the Johnson family is mired in EPA double speak
Not content with its presumed guilty attack and  its War on Logging to the Spotted Owl preserve
Or its War on Coal to force us to pay more and to more drastically to conserve
Or its new holy grail--the War on Fossil Fuels to toast to the Climate Change myth
While hiding the scientific evidence as effective as Lois Lerner taking the Fifth,
It has unleashed its fury to catalogue all bodies of water to heel owners under its rule
How in creating this agency and picking its leaders could we have been such fools?
Why under the guise of noble goals did we ever create an EPA carrying about costs not a wit?
Another example of a federal government run amok with overreaching that refuses to quit.  
Worse it would appear that any landowner with any body of water intermittent or not should take pause
The assault on the Johnson family may be just the beginnings for the rest of us exposed to the EPA’s flaws.
© March 16, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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