Friday, March 14, 2014

Deal the Good Cards to the Men with the Trees

      In a mild upset in the quarter finals of the PAC 12 Basketball tournament in Las Vegas, Stanford de-tined the Trident carrying Sun Devils and will face UCLA, a team that during the Wooden years dominated college basketball and the NCAA Tournament, in the semis March 14, 2014. The following poem came to me after watching the game. Both teams have won one game against each other during the season and not sure on a neutral court, in actuality, as opposed to Staples, a very short ride from Westwood, but hopefully the Cards will win (for Vegas has a nice ring to it). Hope you enjoy the poem. And like a modern day Cato facing a Carthage like UCLA....The Bruins must be destroyed. Go Cardinal!
Hope and March Madness
As a rabid Cardinal fan with a legacy alum of 2010
And another class of 2017 starting the grind again
The results were most pleasing, a night to enjoy
But stepping back, a win/win for both as NCAA berths both can deploy
The Trident still is three prongs going downtown to fear
Rest up till Sunday brackets; you will be packing up your regional gear
To the Cardinal, a job well done!
A game I thought you might not have won
And now before into the valley of the shadow of Tucson death
Where a Wildcat defense stills the heart and takes away the breath
It is time to play the rubber match on a neutral court
No Maples to sway, no Pauley's ghosts for shots to fall short
You do not need a home crowd to play aggressive and tough
Any more than you need a trampoline for a ball to stuff
The Bruins with a national ranking and those Wooden years must be looking ahead
Cardinal,   play to the max, a win would be great, but even in loss, as a team you're better read.
If perchance that in Vegas the Mecca of chips, dice, wheels, slots and Cards
With fans in the thousands and several noted and rabid bards
The gods of chance may look kindly on men of the Color and intone three wins break the bank
And with that and aggressive play, more threes, a few blocks, trips to the line, Wildcat hopes may go into the tank.
© March 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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