Wednesday, March 12, 2014

USS Coronado Is Not The Pequod--No Ahab On Board

    Iditarod is over, March Madness is approaching, still way to much chaos in the political world, still potential chaos in Ukraine.  Time for this poet to take a new tack (good sailing term and links to the photo). The above photo is not a refugee stealth boat from a Bond film, but the USS Coronado, one of the first of  the new class of stealth destroyers now being commissioned, albeit due to budget issues, slowly. The ship has not just intercepted a drug runner or a boat of illegal aliens, but rather is joining off the coast of Dana Point, a whale watching excursion boat. If I were a whale and had Dragon Software (flukes and fins too bulky to type with) and an underwater computer, this is the poem I would have written. Hope you enjoy it.

If I were a whale, be it grey or even the rare white
The USS Coronado would have been an unnerving sight
No matter how deep I could dive no matter where I might hide
With all that sonar pinging when spouting she would be there by my side
Ahab with his wood oar powered dories equipped with rope and a harpoon lance
I would fear not, for as a whale of speed and size I would have a fighting chance
But this ship has harpoons of missile that will not miss
With 50 knot speed any chance to ram would be dismissed
If by miracle my flukes were fast and my approach hidden in her wake
A might thud on a metal hull complete with a two thousand Excedrin ache
But the Coronado was here only for her watching  sailors to treat
And as a fellow master of the oceans to greet
Her intentions must have been noble, her motives true
Alaska and its bounty beckons ;no time to in court to the Navy sue
© March 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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