Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Russian Roulette With Nuclear Chips--What Real Estate Is Next?

      The tragedy in Crimea is not the fact it is reverting back to Russia, but rather the signals we have given to Putin in terms of our resolve. Any leader of Russia not living under a rock over the last 20 years must have been watching the failure of American policy in terms of denying North Korea nuclear weapons, failing to halt Iran in its pursuit of nuclear weapons, warning Syria of dire consequences then doing nothing, and when the slaughter became so intense in Libya,  trying to lead from behind with Europe dependent  on Libyan oil also weak in its efforts to support the rebels. Why should Russia have any fear or respect when we cannot protect a consulate and then hide behind a concocted video explanation.
       It is ironic that the nation, that gave the most in terms of lives and destruction as a result of Hitler's moves against it, has gone to school on how Hitler was able to grab huge chunks of real estate in Europe without firing a shot and even when his bluff was finally called on Poland and France and Britain declared war on Germany, the result was the almost total absence of hostilities, the Phony War, which only ended when the Germans in lightening fashion swept through Holland, Belgium and France in May of 1940 and would have been landing almost unopposed in England if Hitler had not lost his nerve and instead listened to Goring and stopped his panzers, enabling the Brits to evacuate almost the entire BEF back to England from Dunkirk.
        Our President has been outclassed by Putin; we are no longer feared; we are no longer trusted to fulfill our promises or our threats; we have lost our ability to lead.  The headlines in Fox implied playing Russian Roulette; even though in roulette the house always wins, the game is far too dangerous when the chips are also nuclear. Some thoughts below:
Russian Roulette With Nuclear Chips
No matter how many times the wheel turns or the cylinder spins
At least if we are foolish enough to this game play
Don't give Putin more rounds in the chamber to slay
If all the best our leader can do on the sanction front
Is to pull the 10 oligarch deny access stunt
Time to leave the casino of nations and regroup
Time to put some backbone and thought back in the loop
Crimea is probably today the most like the Saar
Where Hitler in 35 was not an invader but a redeeming star
Russian territory since long before the Charge of Light Brigade
On this spin Putin outclasses he gets the A+ Grade
And the U.S., we just continue there-will-be-costs fade
Victims of misguided red lines in the sands charades
Time for this nation to realize the Bear in all its potential fury is back
No neighbor with even one Russian speaking native is free from its attack
In response to the feckless and weak sanctions’ joke
Russia announces their Iran anti nuke stance they may revoke
Time to open up what is left in our dwindling purse and military coffers
Give to Ukraine all the military aid they need and a NATO membership offer
Now more than ever is not the time to our military power shrink
As we edge closer to more Russian moves to Eastern Europe chain and link
Tell our EPA to take an immediate hindering of drilling, fracking and Keystone XL hike
To Putin thanks but no thanks on Iran, they end nuke race or our neutrinos will strike
American energy needs to expand, we need to put BTUs in the cylinders to revolve
Bullets of doubt replaced by American energy into Europe and watch the Russian economy dissolve
Crimea is gone and perhaps from Russia it never did depart
But a Ukraine, Moldavia, the Baltics annex grab we must stop before it starts
No one in their right mind would ever want a war in which only the cockroaches win
But our perceived weakness only puts more rounds in Putin’s chamber to spin.
And as we from the world stage continue to with or without lines  retreat
We only embolden more Putins across the world no longer fearful to move for our defeat.
If there ever was a time to agree we have reached the water's edge
If we do not unite we will be pushed by to the nuclear ledge
It is now, it is time to on foreign policy on Russia, North Korea, and Iran
One voice, with resolve, no more shifting, politically induced lines in the sand.
© March 19, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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